Wolfgang Puck WPWK0035 Electric Wok

  • Easy to cook stir-frys, braise meat, sauté vegetables and sear fish
  • Large electric wok with a 6 quart capacity, great for family cooking
  • Temperature probe ensures that meat is cooked to perfection
  • Various temperature settings allows for a range of ingredients to be cooked at the right heat
  • Strengthened glass lid allows easy inspection of food when cooking
  • Steam tray makes steaming vegetables and fish a breeze

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Our Review of the Wolgang Puck Electric Wok

The range of cooking that can be performed with this electric wok makes it unique. The addition of a steam tray makes healthy cooking a pleasure. We now steam all our fish and vegetables using the Wolfgang Puck electric wok. The wok is great fun to use and is often the first cooking appliance we reach for when preparing breakfast, lunch and dinner. The versatility simply cannot be beaten by any other electric wok on the market today. In the morning our kids cook scrambled eggs in it, at lunchtime my husband cooks his pork stir fry in minutes and I simply love using the electric wok for steaming healthy fish and vegetable dinners.

The size of the Wolgang Puck electric wok makes it ideal for entertaining at dinner parties. The heat generated by the electric element ensures that I am not spending hours in the kitchen rather than with my guests. Stir frying takes a matter of minutes and the food is served piping hot and crispy rather than sloppy like my previous attempts with traditional gas stove wok models. We often serve dinner at the table by simply carrying the wok by it’s cool grip handles. My husband will also use the wok to pre-cook meat for the BBQ. This electric wok really is the business when it comes t cooking authentic Chinese food.

What Others Say

“If you haven’t used a wok lately (because the stove top woks require so much care etc) give this a try! Non stick WOK stir frys food quickly and cooks evenly. It has a huge capacity (6 quartz) which makes it great for family and entertaining” Read More

“My wife wanted this because, being filipino, we like to stir-fry and steam vegies and sio pao. sio pao is chinese steamed buns with meat filling, just delicious. Our other steamer only allows about two sio pao to be steamed at a time, but with this one we can steam 7 at a time! Great steamer and wok for stir fry.” Read MoreSave Upto 40% off the Wolfgang Puck Electric Wok With Free Shipping Only At Amazon


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