Windmax HY400-3 Small Wind Generators For Sale


Need to find small wind generators for sale, take a look at the Windmax HY400-3 because it is a high performer and it is also very reliable. It has a number of outstanding features like electromagnetic over speed control and aerodynamically efficient blade speed as well as both solar and wind output capabilities.

The Windmax HY400-3 450 Watt Residential Wind Generator Kit is very solid and it has a light weight design that is bolstered with a number of useful features. If you are looking for cost efficient small wind generators for sale, then this is the one for you. Not only does it provide excellent performance but it does so in a very reliable as well as efficient manner.

This kit can prove to be a very sound investment and since it is a product that does not make use of error prone mechanical furling over speed control, you are also spared from having to spend a lot of time or money on maintaining this kit. It weighs sixty pounds and is very easy to install as well as connect. It also does not make much noise while operating and it also does not vibrate too much.

The Windmax HY400-3 450 Watt Residential Wind Generator Kit does not come with a pole but the wind generator comes with generator and blades as well as controller and even screws and bolts. It is also very effective and will produce maximum energy for all the different wind speeds and the cost of owning this product is also very low.

At a cost of approximately five hundred and eighty dollars, you get a product that will give you good value for your investment. For a small investment, you will certainly reap a number of benefits including getting to own and use a product that is virtually maintenance free as well as very reliable; you cannot ask for more.

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