Winco Portable Diesel Generators RP25


RP25 Winco portable diesel generators are backed and powered by Isuzu. There are many different benefits to this generator and this is written to give you a showcase of the features that stand out above the rest. Here are just some of the advantages that you will find.

The Winco RP25 has an 1800 rpm, 2.2 litre engine that meets with EPA, CARB tier two emissions. This machine has a fuel water separator and also has a drain extension with a valve for the oil, as well as a prime output of 18kW or 22.5kVA. It also has a motor starting capability of 7.5 hp and is code G. The stand by output is 20kW or 25kVA

These Winco portable diesel generator also come with safety controls which are also automatic that shut the machine down when the water or oil is getting low. This is beneficial for situations when proper maintenance checks have not been established or enforced.

The Winco RP25 has a 7 gauge, 45 gallon fuel tank that can run up to 50 hours when run on half load. It also comes with a removable hitch, and a weight of 2820 lbs. This machines also comes with a complete unit warranty of one year and also has a limited two year warranty on the engine. This is beneficial for if anything were to break or stop working with it before this time.

All of these Winco portable diesel generators come with a circuit breaker for its single phase receptacles, and also come with a remote emergency stop that has an option button available. This is beneficial if the machine needs to be stopped suddenly for a certain reason. It also comes with a sound decibel at 7 Meters on full load.

The Winco RP25 diesel generator is beneficial for any heavy and long jobs that may require more power. If you are looking into buying one of these devices for your business why not look into this one to see whether it is suitable for your needs.

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