Winco 50 KW Natural Gas Powered Generator


The Winco 50 kw natural gas powered generator model PSS50LS is a quiet and easily installed product that makes a useful back up to residences and businesses. It is a strong and powerful model that can meet many energy needs in an emergency.

It can produce up to 50,000 watts of maximum power. It can keep homes running with ample enough energy to keep homes and offices running with what they need to ensure continued necessary activity. It provides a useful tool for emergencies and energy outages with significant power to the user.

The Winco 50 kw natural gas powered generator uses fuel on a full load at 10 gallons per hour for the LP and 725 cubic feet per hour with natural gas. This gives out an output of 135 amps for the latter and 150 amps for LG. It does receive a 120/240 voltage rating, and the generator motor spins at 1800 RPM, making it efficient, fast and a provider of ample energy.

There is an optional circuit breaker that you can obtain, and it is recommended if you choose to use it for more than one room in an emergency, and as a safety precaution. The size is compact enough to make it a viable option at 40x100x40 inches, and the weight is 2533 pounds. While it is not easy to maneuver where you need it, it can be a good choice to remain outside in a conspicuous area without taking up undue space and being unattractive.

This is a quiet unit, producing 74 decibels of noise at about 24 feet. There is a critical grade silencer included with this. In an emergency, this allows operation without undue noise pollution or complaints from neighbors due to the sounds that they hear.

All in all the Winco PSS50LS 50 kw natural gas powered generator is a good choice giving adequate energy levels, above standard noise reduction and an electrical start for ease of use. It can be easily installed and used at any property that you need for back up power that will make sure your emergencies are handled well.

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