Wilton Saws


Wilton has an offering of both hand held and bench tools for the home renovator and serious contractor. The Wilson 14″ Wood/Metal Vertical Bandsaw is an excellent offering for both the home renovator and contractor. The band saw has a 1 HP motor and a gear box designed to work with both metal and wood cutting saws, allowing the saw to work with metal, wood, plastic, and other non-ferrous metal pieces. The solid one piece steel base gives the saw great stability. The Wilson band saw also has a variable speed drive system to give the operator greater control for different applications.


Wilton also offers coldsaws, like their 225mm Manual Coldsaw. With a 1 HP 115V motor, the Wilton manual coldsaw has the power to handle most any metal working job. The F225 has a self-centering vise with dual jaws to prevent burrs, and a cutting head that swivels to 45 degrees for miter cuts. The F225 has a flood coolant system with easy removable tray, as well as an oil bath gear box drive to provide a sturdy overall system. The blade spins at 52 RPM, with the overall machine weighing in at 145 pounds.

In addition to the F225, Wilton also offers larger cold saws, such as the 2 HP 230V FK350-2K. The FK350 is up to the largest of cutting challenges, and with miter stops at 90 and 45 degrees, is capable of precise and clean cuts. With the FK350, you also get a fully enclosed blade for safety, and a flood coolant system that prevents dangerous heat build up. The high speed 350mm blade can handle all sorts of jobs. Wilton has classified the FK350 as suited for “low and medium carbon steels and various sizes of tubes and profiles.”


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