Wiley X Tactical Gloves


Wiley X is best known for their shatterproof eye gear which is specially designed for the use of law enforcement authorities and the US Special forces. While the company began with shatterproof lenses they have expanded their tactical product line to include goggles, accessories and Wiley X tactical gloves. Although the company is still known for their eye gear, the same dedication, craftsmanship and quality are found in their gloves today. Each pair of gloves have been developed with versatility in mind, and just like their other tactical products, good enough for military use and for other heavy duty work.

Wiley X gloves bear the same innovative design and durability that is found in their other tactical products, providing not just comfort but protection for use in rugged terrain, combat and tactical operations. The company has an extensive line of gloves to meet the needs and demands of different individuals. By using plastic protective plates and Kevlar fabric, they will provide protection for your fingers while allowing for a great deal of dexterity so your fingers can perform tasks without any difficulty.

One of the reasons why their products are considered among the best tactical gloves today is they don’t make any compromises when it comes to quality. Their gloves, just like their other products, use top of the line technology to provide dexterity, flexibility and sturdiness. Available in a variety of colors and styles, these gloves are also very stylish so they’re not just functional but also look good on your hands. In addition, Wiley X gloves are well known for their versatility, with some gloves designed for specific purposes, others for general usage and everything else in between.

“These gloves are great! My husband is in the military and uses them in combat (which is the main reason for them). With the gloves being Fire Resistance you don’t have to worry about burning your hands or your hands being torn up by shrapnel with the injection molded knuckles.”

Wiley X CAG-1 Tactical Gloves Large Black – High Grade, High Quality Gloves

These tactical shooting gloves are designed for combat assault and can be used in a variety of combat applications and also heavy duty work. Tactical operatives will appreciate its design, because while there’s maximum protection for your fingers it doesn’t affect your control. For added protection, the gloves are flame resistant thanks to its 20% Kevlar and 80% weave design. Other features include an adjustable cuff so you can fit it just right.

The gloves fit very well in your hands, and they’ll keep you warm enough even during the cold season. The CAG-1 gloves also have a clip strap for convenient storage, but more than anything else, it’s the combination of sturdiness and flexibility that are its biggest selling points.

Wiley-X DURTAC All Purpose Glove Black G400 Large – Versatile Gloves

Wiley X is well known for its high quality combat gloves and these are no exception. Its knuckle protector does its job keeping your knuckles clear off abrasion, and they also absorb impact better than ordinary gloves do. These gloves also have thermoplastic molded injection protection so your fingers maintain their dexterity without affecting its protective properties.

There are a lot of positive things that can be said about the DURTAC, and that includes the fit which is warm, flexible and gives your fingers sufficient room to breathe. There’s plenty of ventilation for your fingers here, and the airflow is better than in other gloves.

Also, the synthetic leather is very flexible and suitable for a variety of tasks. As far as durability goes, these Wiley X tactical gloves are among the best in the market, and good enough for military use. It’s one of the sleekest looking gloves out there and also among the most durable that Wiley X has churned out. If you’re looking for gloves that you can depend on without spending a fortune for it, then you don’t need to look far.


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