Wicker Outdoor Furniture: Wicked Wonders

wicker outdoor furniture

Wicker refers to the weaving process used to build outdoor wicker furniture. It’s another option besides iron or wood for your patio or garden. Wicker is a hard woven fiber formed into a rigid material, most commonly seen in baskets. Some wicker products are made from plant materials but plastic fibers are also used.

Wicker is very tough and is therefore ideal for patio furniture when combined with the right materials. Most wicker outdoor furniture is made with heavy gauge aluminum which is shaped to the desired design and then powder coated, a style known as Synthetic Wicker Furniture or Resin Wicker Furniture. Aluminium frames should always be preferred as natural rattan is absorbent and steel can rust.

Wicker patio furniture can often be some of the most beautiful and decorative. It is also more practical to move around as it is often lighter than wooden furniture. When you sit on a wicker-style chair you can feel the quality and see the care and labor that has gone into the weaving process.

Choosing wicker furniture will be dependent on your own personal preferences and how it weights up in price against teak wood furniture or iron products. Wicker furniture may be best for patios where there is cover as cushions will get soaked if it rains.

We have wicker furniture at home in our back yard. It stays outdoors but there is a roof overhead to protect it from the rain. It works well when we have guests over as they can enjoy the fresh air outside on the wicker furniture or move to an inside entertainment room, which is also used to house the food on special occasions.

Wicker furniture can also be used indoors and provides an old school type of feel for a room. It may not be the material of choice for young home owners, but it’s certainly worth looking at for your outside patio. Of course, it just depends what you think looks good and what doesn’t.

You can also find wicker desks, television stands, wash baskets, trunks, beds and coffee tables sp the options are endless. It’s just a matter of personal preference. Remember, wicker furniture is strong, sturdy and dependable. You won’t go wrong having it on your outside patio, even if it does rain (provided you remove any cushions), or inside your home for more practical purposes.


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