Why You Should Practice Your Game on a Golf Simulator Even If You Never Go Pro


Back in July of 2015, Jordan Spieth was featured in Golf Digest because of his use of an indoor golf simulator. He made a really good case for why professional golfers should invest in a golf simulator. He was practicing on the same course (Chambers Bay) that the U.S. Open would be played that year. Obviously, scoring well in the U.S. Open is pretty important for professional golfers as a win or even a Top 10 finish is highly lucrative and can raise a golfer’s standing in the game.

The best indoor golf simulators will capture the fine details of the world’s most famous golf courses and allow a golfer to practice his or her game in a myriad of situations. Unless the pro lives near the course, it might be difficult to get all of the practice needed to be prepared for anything the course can offer. Indoor golf simulators enable pros to prepare for these courses so they are ready come tee time.

But What about the Rest of Us?

Truth be told, 99% of golfers who play will never become professionals. However, this doesn’t mean that an indoor golf simulator doesn’t have some use for the amateur golfer who likes to play on the weekends or take his clients or business partners for a quick 18 to discuss business over chip shots. An indoor golf simulator can provide a number of benefits for a golfer who will never have his name called by Jim Nantz at the final hole of the Master’s. Here are several that come to mind:

You Can Practice Your Game: An indoor golf simulator can allow you to practice your swing, so you can improve. Using sensors that accurately measure the swing and ball movement, an indoor golf simulator can accurately illustrate where shots are going so an individual can make the necessary adjustments. You can practice fairway drives, chip shots out of the rough, and even bunker shots.

You Can Play on the World’s Most Famous Courses: Ever want to play at St. Andrews or Pebble Beach? An indoor golf simulator captures real-life details of the world’s best courses. If you can’t make it out to these courses in person, a simulated course can be the next best thing.

You Can Golf in Winter: If you live in an area where there are four seasons, practicing your game in the winter is no easy task. Inclement weather is no problem for the golfer who wants to improve his or her game when he or she uses an indoor golf simulator. You can practice right from your own living room.

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