Why The Kettler Kadett Rowing Machine Is a Wise Choice


The Kettler Kadett Rowing machine is an excellent choice for the athlete intent on obtaining a machine that closely simulates actually rowing a boat. It is great for all levels of fitness, providing and intense workout for the serious athlete and a more relaxed workout for the person just trying to stay in shape. The features offered in this machine include:

• 12 adjustable settings
• Adjustable footplates which pivot and extend to suit a range of sizes
• Oars easily fold down allowing for more compact storage
• Ear clip to monitor heart rate
• LCD training computer which displays time, oar strokes, current cadence (or rate of strokes), cumulative distance, heart rate and kilojoules (a measurement of energy consumption).
• Recovery pulse rate feature at 6 second intervals. This feature will allow you to watch your fitness level increase as you get in better shape.

The majority of people who have purchased and used this product give it 4-5 out of 5 stars. Pros that were listed include: a very realistic motion, very quiet (many were pleased they could easily watch T,V, while exercising), provides an excellent, low impact workout, good quality machine, and the company was very easy to work with when parts were needed or broken. Cons include: difficult assembly, foot straps tend to work loose, hard plastic handles which can cause blister, and no instructions as to the technique that should be used when exercising.

This machine is also a good deal. It runs around $600 which is toward the lower end of the price range for a good quality machine that will be used frequently. Lower priced machines $200-$300 can be found but are not a good choice if it will be your primary means of exercise. The benefit of cheaper rowing machines is their compactness. They are easy to move around and store.

In general, the Kettler Kadett Outrigger Style Rowing Machine or any other one of the many Kettler Rowing Machines is a great choice for a great workout. The complaints about the machine are generally related to setting the machine up and lack of knowledge on how to use it, not the machine itself. The two complaints related to the machine can be easily fixed by wearing gloves and by using bungee cords instead of the foot straps. The Kettler Kadett is a good choice.


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