Why should we Go for Natural Gas Generators?


Natural gas generators are used as a source of backup power in case of emergency when supply of normal power is interrupted from the utility. Gasoline or diesel driven generators are also there in the market for the same purpose. When purchasing a generator, what should be the key characteristics to consider? Should we really go for natural gas generators? This article focuses on comparative aspects so that buyers may not make mistakes while going for purchasing a generator.

Fuel Economy of Natural Gas Generators

Selecting a generator with the kind of fuel that runs it is a strategic decision. The fuel must be cost-effective, easily available and environment friendly. Here, natural gas qualifies for all the three requirements. Surprisingly, most people don’t clearly understand the differences between diesel, gasoline, propane and natural gas. Initial investment of a generator running with gas is high, but in the long run it is economical. This is due to the fact that natural gas is the least expensive fuel. Once hooked with the generator, it doesn’t require frequent filling unlike diesel, gasoline or other liquid fuel based generators. Purchasing and bringing liquid fuels to home after regular or irregular intervals cost you a decent amount of money. On the other hand, no transportation charges are involved with gas. Also, the time slot required for bringing the fuel from distant sources can be utilized on another worthwhile activity.

Friendliness of Natural Gas Generators

They are less noisy! In contrast, gasoline and diesel power generators produce loud sound when running. It can disturb your sleep during night; could be more disturbing particularly after a hectic day. Even your neighbors could be disturbed when the generator is running outdoor. So in order to keep the decibel level down, natural gas generator is ideal to go for. The generator is thus friendly to humans!

Generators with liquid fuels need refilling after a certain number of hours they operate for. Thus more frequent trips to market for purchasing! To avoid market trips, you can store a big container at home, but that becomes a potential source of hazard and needs extra care. God forbid, in case of fire in the home, an oil container could be extremely dangerous.

On the other hand, gas provides a continuous supply to the home and generator. You have no worries of running out of fuel. In case of emergency, gas supply can immediately be stopped through the main stop valve outside the home. Once again we can say that gas is friendly.

Environment Friendliness of Natural Gas Generators

Natural gas is a neat source of energy. It produces no such emissions that harm the environment through dirty pollution. In this era of rising global warming, it now becomes the duty of every person to contribute at his best towards controlling and reducing the carbon footprint. Thus we can say that natural gas is friendly to environment also.

Now finally that you have come up with the comparative details of small generators for homes, shops, offices or even industries, you can make a wise decision outrightly to go for natural gas generators. Low operating cost, no risk of running out of fuel, low noise, no pollution and no pungent smell are the key characteristics of these generators. Though it costs more upfront, but the benefits of long term operation are far reaching. Don’t make any mistake; it’s the best option to go for.


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