Why do tactical gloves have hard knuckles?


It’s common for folks new to tactical gear to ask why hard knuckle tactical gloves include hardened knuckle protection.

After all, the knuckles are only a small part of the hand, and it seems counter-intuitive that knuckle protection should be given priority over other forms of protection.

Non tactically-oriented folks who think of protective gloves automatically assume that the palms need most of the protection. Probably, they remember back to childhood when skinned palms from falling off a bike were a major concern.

But tactical gear addresses different issues. A good pair of hard knuckle tactical gloves is intentionally designed to help you out during a fight.

In hand to hand combat, you face the very real risk of being thrown around. And when that happens, your arms flail about uncontrollably. Almost always, it’s the knuckles that take the brunt of the damage during this sort of uncontrolled fall.

With hard knuckle tactical gloves, your knuckles resist the impact damage and your withstand the potentially crippling injury.

Without knuckle protection, your hand is useless for some period of time.

So, while most ‘regular’ folks think hard knuckle tactical gloves are for increasing the damage when you punch someone, that’s not really true. Yes, they can be used to protect your hands (or increase the power of a blow) during a punch, but mainly the knuckle protection exists to help you out during a fall which causes your hand to ‘whack’ into the ground with a serious, bone-jarring impact.


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