Why Choose Powertec Fitness


If you are looking for a home gym there is no need to look further than Powertec Fitness. Even the most serious weight trainers will be satisfied with the quality and performance they get from Powertec. Since their objective is to provide affordable products that have quality construction and excellent function you can be sure you will be happy with your purchase.

Powertec introduced the Plate Loaded Leverage machines to the market. They were onto something good, so imitations have been made, but none match the quality of the original. A leverage machine is great because it gives you the safety of a machine, but the benefits of free weights.

Powertec fitness equipment is durable. They are long lasting because of the quality components used in their construction. The frames are of high grade steel tubing, and powder coated. You can be assured you won’t have any problems with the frame, and even if you did there is a lifetime warranty on the frame. There is also a 2 year warranty on the component parts, with 1 years on all other parts. Plus they don’t only have their machines in black, but some can come in yellow. It may not effect your workout, but it looks pretty awesome.

The workbench multi system is the most comprehensive home gym Powertec fitness provides. It can even have multiple users at the same time. It does take up quite a bit of space, but when you consider that is has multiple stations, and is replacing several machines it’s really reasonable. Maintenance should be minimal, if anything. This model will cost you $1200. This doesn’t include the cost of the weights you will have to purchase, but even considering this, it is a very well priced machine.

If you are looking for something a little more basic and don’t need that many stations the Powertec Fitness P-ONB Olympic/Narrow bench is another product they offer. This classic bench can adjust incline easily and converts to an Olympic bench. These multiple positions can help you achieve the strength training your looking for. It also folds up for more compact storage. With a weight maximum of 600 lbs you will surely be able to challenge your body to achieve serious results. This bench will cost you around $300.

A Powertec fitness workout can be completely comprehensive. The design of the machine allows for a safe workout that can usually be achieved without a spotter. This makes working out more simple. With a Powertec home gym in your home you will never have an excuse not to workout.

A quick look at Powertec fitness reviews and you will find out that there isn’t another product with such high quality at such an affordable price. The value for the money is simply unbeatable. And will consistent use you will be able to better meet your fitness goals.


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