Why Choose a Proform Elliptical


A Proform elliptical can be a good choice for you if you want a good workout at home, but can’t afford a high end piece of equipment. Proform provides several models of ellipticals in the mid-priced range. These machines come with some features that are usually found on higher priced models. Although the quality isn’t quite that of a Health Club model, they can be great machine for home exercisers.

The Proform 10.0 ZE is one option to consider. This is a Proform Spacesaver elliptical. This means that the units pedals and base fold up easily for more compact storage. This fold up feature saves you almost three feet of floor space. This is helps reduce one of the big drawbacks of home exercising equipment, space. This is also their model with an adjustable stride. You can choose a stride length of either 13, 15 or 18 inches. Another feature this model boasts is the iFit workout card technology. It allows you to plug an iFit card into the elliptical’s console. Your resistance is then automatically adjusted and you benefit from the voice of a personal trainer. This series will cost you around $600.

Another Proform elliptical cross trainer you could choose is the 590 E. This unit also has the iFit technology. In addition it has 14 performance workouts. One great feature this model has is the Intensity Ramp. This means you can adjust the incline of the machine. This allows you to use different muscles, and challenge your workout. This model will cost about $1000.

The Proform 1050E is the best Proform elliptical for someone who is taller. And might be the best Proform choice overall. That is partly because it has adjustable stride length. Yes, the 10.0 ZE does as well, but its maximum stride is 18 inches. The 1050 model boasts of a 19-21 inch adjustable stride. The stride length can not only be changed for a more individualized fit, but to mix up your workouts. It also has the greatest weight capacity of 325 lbs. This model allows you to change the incline of the ramp. One nifty feature it has is the music port for an iPod. This make working out to your favorite tunes a cinch. It has 20 resistance levels, the most of any Proform machine. This model will also cost you around $1000, but for the features you get, it is a pretty good value.

If you a looking to spend $1000 or less a Proform elliptical is a great option to consider. They are a fairly good value for the money. To buy proform elliptical, check out your local sporting goods store. You may find a better price online, but it’s a good idea to test out the machine you choose in person first. If you are looking for a mid-price option, consider a Proform elliptical trainer. You might be surprised with the quality you can get for your money.


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