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The First Step To Extra Clean Tap Water

Installing a whole house water conditioner is a great way to reduce or eliminate harmful contaminants from your tap water. No need to go to the French Alps to enjoy clean, healthy water. You can get “spring like” quality tap water right in your bathroom, kitchen and laundry area.

In fact, every faucet in your home can have ultra clean tap water flowing through it.

This device uses the very advanced catalytic coconut granular activated carbon to absorb a variety of contaminants.

It can run virtually maintenance free for years and treat between 600,000 to 1,000,000 gallons of water.

The device requires no electricity, making it very cost effectively. Plus there are loads of other benefits.

Here are drinking water contaminants that this quality whole house water conditioner will absorb:

Chloramines | Chlorine | Detergents | Ethylene Dibromide (EDB) Herbicides and Pesticides | Hydrogen Sulfide | Iron | Sediments Smell and Taste | Synthetic Organic Chemicals (SOC) Trihalomethanes (THM) | Trichloroethylene (TCE) | Volatile Organic Chemicals (VOC).

You can read upon the health effects of these and other water supply contaminants. After reading that, you’ll have a deeper understanding of just how important it is to have those contaminants removed from your home tap water.

Ideal Whole House Water Filtration Setup

For extra safe and clean water flowing through your home, it is recommended to use both a whole house water conditioner and a drinking water filter. The image below illustrates this ideal setup.

whole house water conditioner

Let us look at the advantages of using a whole house filter individually and in conjunction with a drinking water filter:

1. As mentioned above, when water is “treated” by a water conditioning system, the iron-content of the water is reduced or eliminated.

Iron can leave a reddish-brown stain on cooking utensils, clothes, floors, plumbing fixtures and porcelain.

Iron bacteria (see photo below), which are reddish-brown growths, can damage washing machines, irons and dishwashers and also clog pipes and reduce the flow of water.

So, having a whole house water conditioner installed will save you money because you’ll get a lot more use out of your appliances, clothes and plumbing fixtures etc.

2. The image above also recommends your bathroom to be connected to the whole house water conditioner. This is important too because many people are only focused on the drinking of water as a way for contaminants to enter their bodies.

However, they neglect the fact that when they shower or bathe in tubs, not only will contaminants enter their bodies through their mouths but also through their skins and noses (via inhalation).

One contaminant that should be of concern when people shower or bathe is the chlorine in water. This substance can affect the texture of hair and skin and is linked to some very unpleasant illnesses.

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3. Have another look at the illustration above. You’ll see that it is recommends that the water in your kitchen (that you drink and cook with) is first “pre-treated” with the point-of-entry whole house system and then filtered by a point-of-use drinking water filter.

Either a point of use reverse osmosis water filter or an activated carbon under counter filtration system is an excellent point-of-use drinking water filters to use.

The advantage of using both the whole house system and drinking water filtering system in tandem is to protect you against any re-contamination of your drinking water.

After your water is “pre-treated” by the point of entry whole house system, that water has to pass through your household plumbing before it comes out of your tap. As the water moves through the pipes, it can pick up additional contaminants that can alter its color and taste.

Even the “health” of the water can be affected as lead can leach from the plumbing into the tap water.

Therefore, a point of use drinking water filtration system installed in your kitchen, will remove the contaminants picked up after “pre-treatment.” This ensures you have the cleanest, safest possible water for cooking and drinking.

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There are many more contaminants that can affect your water supply than what is mentioned on this page. Many of them can be reduced or eliminated from your tap water by installing both a water conditioning system and a drinking water filter.

You might be thinking that your tap water is safe because no one immediately dies from drinking a glass of water or glasses of water. The contaminants in our tap water are present only in trace amounts and therefore won’t cause immediate harm.

Indeed, it is highly unlikely that people will instantly die from drinking a glass or glasses of water.

However, many scientists are concerned about the cumulative health effect of drinking many glasses of water over years and years – considering there are contaminants in that water.

Acquiring a home water treatment device is an excellent way to give your family some added protection against those potential health effects.

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