Who Needs a Good Pair of Tactical Gloves?


Why do we wear a pair of tactical gloves? Well, if you have worn one, then you already know the answer. Tactical gears like gloves, boots and protective pads are for those people whose profession requires them to cope up with tough situations. These professions can range from combat to construction. Whatever be the case, the key reason for wearing tactical gloves is protection and superior handling of tools.

There are different variants in tactical gloves; two of the most searched are explained below:

Fire Resistant Tactical Gloves

There are hundreds of brands providing fire resistant tactical gloves and they vary highly in terms of quality and price. But all of them claim to outperform others. Here you need a head start as to what makes a good fire resistant glove

When fire protection is concerned Nomex is the star. This material is widely used by manufactures of tactical gear for making fire resistant gear. The material also gives protection against chemical and radiation. Tactical gloves made of Nomex material are widely used by race car drivers and military personnel because of this very reason. They are mostly recommended for military pilots.

If you can imagine how difficult it would be to control an aircraft or race car when there is an outbreak of fire in the cockpit, that’s how important fire resistant tactical gloves are.

Nomex is actually the trademark name for a Meta aramid material patented by DuPont in the 60s. It was adopted in making tactical gears because of their excellent flame resistant properties.

Tactical Gloves for Cold Weather

Just as the fire is a problem, extreme cold can lead to severe injury to your hands. That is why one genre of tactical gloves is especially made for cold weather. Mechanix offer some of the best cold weather tactical gloves. Their cold resistant heavy weight fleece shell models provides extra protection against high cold winds and other extremities.

The reinforced finger tips comfortable fit makes this brand one of the best tactical gloves when it comes to cold weather protection. Other manufactures like Blackhawk and hatch also provide cold weather resistant gloves that give tough competition to the mechanix

Major Manufactures of Tactical Gloves

Major Players In The Tactical Glove Market Are:

  • Mechanix: Mechanix is one of the top tactical gear manufactures in the world. They started in 1991 and have been a top brand for military, paintball, construction, and law enforcement agencies for their supply of tactical gears.
  • Blackhawk: Blackhawk Kevlar tactical gloves offer superior grip on whatever tool you are using. The tough material offer cut resistance and durability along with more flexibility.
  • 5.11: 5.11 tactical gloves are engineered for military purpose. Ever since their inception into the market, they have been making gloves that are highly durable at the same time highly flexible. Using technologies like synthetic palm and higher finger protection 5.11 offer tactical gloves that are made for the tough.

Though tactical gloves are widespread and have been used by personnel other than military personnel, their value in hazardous works has been acknowledged by people. This has contributed tremendously to the growth of this sector


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