Whirlpool Water Cooler


Reviews of Cold & Hot Whirlpool Bottled Water Dispenser

It is not difficult to find a Whirlpool water cooler dispenser in a home or small office.


The company has a reputation for producing high-quality products at affordable prices. It is also true that there are dozens of companies making water dispensing units these days. Which one is best and why?

Here are some facts about the Whirlpool water dispenser that consumers can use to make an informed decision when buying for either home or office.

Many homes and offices want units that are small enough to be placed without taking up too much room. Whirlpool water cooler has a complete line of these designs.

Popular Whirlpool Cooler Reviews


Whirlpool Dual-Temperature Cooler

The WHKM-B10P model is a good option for those who need to save space, yet want to provide fresh drinking water for family or workers. The unit is easy to clean, both the tank and the drip tray are easily accessible, and has a child-safety feature to prevent accidental operation of its hot water faucet. This unit can provide both hot and cold liquid.

Whirlpool Bottled Water Dispenser

The WHKM-D25 Whirlpool water cooler is similar to the above model only it also comes with a handy storage area that is large enough to hold cups and other items. The storage area is not refrigerated. As with the above model, it comes with safety faucet to prevent accidental burns.

The Whirlpool WHKM-D25 is the Dual-Temperature Cooler with Storage Area for those who wish to fill their own drinking bottles.

Whirlpool Stainless Steel Cooler with Digital Controls


For those looking for a truly stylish unit, Whirlpool WHKM-D45 may be it. The unit comes in a distinctive stainless and black design that is attractive without being overbearing. In addition to settings for the hot side, this unit can also be set on the cold side to deliver water ranging from chilled to room temperature. Controls are accessible from an easy-to-read LCD control panel, which can be locked. Unit also sports a nifty night light.

The WHKM-D45 can also be used as Whirlpool bottled water dispensers. Individual drinking bottles are not included with this or any other model and must be purchased separately.

All three of the Whirlpool hot water dispenser models just described are Energy-Star rated and can deliver hot water that can be set from 140 degrees to 195 degrees F. The Energy Saver feature allows users to set the timer for when the heating feature starts and when it stops. In other words, owners can automatically have it turn off when not needed.

Advantages & Benefits of Whirlpool Water Dispenser

For consumers looking for affordable, compact units, the company offers a range of products to fit this need. This cannot be said about several other brands which may require large areas for the units as well as extensive plumbing installations.

All of the above mentioned Whirlpool refrigerator water dispensers are easy to use and provide important safety features to help protect children from burns.

Controls are easy to understand and easy to operate. Changing bottles is also fast and simple.

In addition to a good selection of sizes and price points, Whirlpool water dispenser parts are easy to find. Repair parts can be located either online or off-line. Also, should one need to have service performed, finding a Whirlpool repair facility is fairly easy as well. Manuals for installation and maintenance can be found online or through authorized Whirlpool dealers nationwide.

Disadvantages of Whirlpool Water Coolers

If there are any disadvantages to what this company has to offer it is that they do not offer any type of Whirlpool table top water cooler.

All of their units, while compact in size, are, nonetheless, free-standing units. Consumers looking for countertop models will need to look elsewhere.


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