Where to Find Low RPM Diesel Generators


China is the most common resource for low rpm diesel generators, whether new or used. For sale online, you can buy them from the China manufacturer or vendor nearby and have the generator shipped to you.

Most low rpm diesel generators made in China are actually very reliable and come with cast iron blocks that are heavy duty and highly reliable. One used generator that we saw for sale online was brushless, with an alternator of a slip ring four pole designed. Its 1200-watt engine offers large load continuous running. It has electronic controls as well as the latest in direct injection-designed diesel engine.

Comparing these low rpm diesel generators with the U.S. made Honda or John Deere, or even Japan’s Kubota it comes out favorably. The other manufacturers are for sale on line as well and come in heftier sizes and watt delivery.

The Chinese model is quality built with windings made of solid copper, and dual bearings at either armature end. This is far preferable to the most common low rpm diesel generators whose housings and windings tend to be die cast aluminum and which are made with just one bearing. The single bearing generator must rely, then, on an engine attachment.

What’s more, the China made low rpm diesel generators work at only 1800 rpms as compared with the standard 3600 rpm. This makes them quiet and far more endurable. These Chinese manufactured low rpm diesel generators are simply a better buy because they last longer and are still for sale at a lower price to begin with.

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