Where to Find a Cheap Water Cooler Dispenser


A water cooler dispenser can seem like an unnecessary extravagance until you take a closer look.  Water coolers are great because they can supply a fresh, clean non-chlorinated water at room temperature, slightly chilled or even hot.  So if you have horrible water like many of the older water lines that are full of iron, or if you have an old well that provides extremely sulfury water, these water dispensers are a life saver.  But even if you don’t have any of these problems, a water cooler dispenser provides incredible convenience when it comes to drinking water.

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Benefits of Water Cooler Dispensers

We all know that we should drink 8 glasses of water a day but when asked 8 out of 10 people don’t do it.  Furthermore, the number one reason why they don’t get enough water is because they forget to.  So basically it comes down to a matter of convenience and this makes sense.  People are busy and have a lot to do on their schedules and drinking enough water isn’t exactly a priority.  This is where a nice cheap water cooler dispenser would come in.  Water coolers provide cool drinkable water at your finger tips so that you can get a clean glass of drinking water in just a few seconds and be on your way.  Another benefit that water cooler dispensers offer is that they provide non-chlorinated, great tasting water.  I know that drinking my tap water isn’t pleasant and I’ve lived in some places that it was downright awful.  Filtered water pitchers are another great alternative, but it can be a pain to have to refill the pitchers every 6 glasses.  With a water cooler dispenser, you can have them sit right in the kitchen and grab water when ever you walk by making it extra convenient to grab a quick drink and then get back to what you were doing.

What You Need to Know About Water Cooler Dispensers

When it comes to water cooler dispensers you have two main options.  There is the bottled water cooler dispenser that use a supply of bottled water to provide the drinking water and then there is the point of use (POU) water cooler dispenser.  Each type of water dispenser has it’s advantages and disadvantages as you’ll see below.

The bottled water cooler dispenser are by far the most popular type of water cooler.  The reason for this is probably because they are the most versatile.  With the bottled water cooler you only need an outlet and you can have cold water available immediately.  These dispensers are great because they can be placed just about anywhere; whether it’s at a job site, in an office building or in your kitchen, all you need is electricity available and you’re well on your way.  The downside to getting a bottled water cooler dispenser is that they have a finite amount of water meaning that you’ll only get so much water before you’ll have to change the bottle. Another thing to consider before purchasing a water cooler is that you’ll have to get a bottled water supply.  This is usually done through a bottled water service where a delivery man will deliver water to you on a contractual basis; however, if you have a source of clean water nearby (a spring, a friends house, etc) you can purchase bottles of water to fill and reuse for yourself.  Don’t forget you’ll need a place to store the water bottles while they’re not in use.

With the point of use water cooler the water comes from the building’s water supply lines.  These units have to be installed directly to the water lines, but once this is done you’ll have never ending amount of water that’s filtered and chilled for the ultimate convenience.  This makes the plumed water coolers great for permanent installations; however, it tends to limit their placement to only a handful of areas that are close to the water line.

Now there are brands out there that offer additional options such as hot and cold water.  Water cooler dispensers made by GE, Avanti and Oasis have models that will heat the water to near boiling temperatures so that you can have hot water on demand.  This is great if you like to make tea, instant coffee, or oatmeal and it’s a great time save in the morning.  All of these models come with a built-in childproof button that can be tricky to operate but once you’ve had the water dispenser for a while you’ll get the hang of it

All of the dispensers have standard features such as removable drip trays so that you can clean then when needed.  Also warranties are pretty standard with water cooler dispensers but each brand has a different warranty so you’ll want to double check the fine print.

Where to Buy Cheap Water Cooler Dispensers

If you’re looking for cheap water cooler dispensers there are several options available.  You can always try and pick one up at your local Walmart or Home Depot but this is only advised if you’re in a pinch and need one fast as they tend not to be the best deal.  There are several stores on the web that will have deals from time to time and you can actually get a great price on water cooler dispensers.  While they do tend to come along from time to time, you may spend some time searching for them.  The one place I’ve found that consistently offered a great deal is Amazon.  Because they deal in bulk they tend to have lower prices than other retailers and have some reliable customer service. 

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