Where To Buy Revitol Scar Cream


It’s a really common question that we get asked a lot lately. People already know the cream works and they just want to buy it. The question is: where to buy revitol scar cream from? There are multiple options out there so I’ll tell you in this post where the best, safest and more importantly, the cheapest place to get it from!

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Your Best Option

When trying to purchase Revitol Scar Cream you will be confronted with many options (just like I was). After doing a fair bit of research on the net and checking other revitol scar cream reviews I found – click here – that the best place to get it from was actually the official manufacturer’s site. There are several reasons why which I outline below:

Don’t Over Pay and Avoid Scammers

Basically, I found that third party sites generally charge a higher price – it varies from site to site but they are all higher due to having marked up the cost. Not only that – there is a far bigger problem you need to be careful of – scammers and fake sites selling revitol. Yes, it’s sad but true – I did come across some fake sites setup just trying to steal peoples money. Some are easy to spot but not all – which is why in the end the official site is the safest choice out there.

Special Offers and Discounts

If you’re anything like me you might like to keep track of the discounts and offers around. It’s one of the things I try to do – I found out that the revitol site actually has a good offer on at the moment. The trick is to take advantage of their bulk buy offerings. One offer in particular is that they have a package where if you buy three jars you get three free, which is essentially half price off. I checked several months ago and it wasn’t there so it’s difficult to say whether it will last so it’s probably better to try and get it now while you can.

BTW, in case you have friends and relatives that may also be interested I’d recommend to buy the bulk offer as a group so that way you can all save. The cost savings really become evident compared to buying it once a month.

Shipping and Handling + Guarantees

In terms of guarantees the official site also wins in my opinion. They have a 90 day money back guarantee. It is good to have the peace of mind that it can be returned anytime within 3 months for whatever reason so there isn’t really much risk.

Shipping and Handling is a bigger factor than many realize. Basically some places don’t tell you how long they take to ship it can take weeks or more in some cases while the customer service is vague and just tell you that it is on the way with no clue as to when it will actually arrive. The official site is pretty clear in it’s policy that it will be delivered within 5-10 days in the US which is pretty decent. International orders take 2-4 weeks, but from reviews on the web seem to usually be closer to 2 weeks.

So overall I’d recommend buying it only from the official website for the above reasons. I hope this guide was helpful to you!

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