Where to buy a cheap Ab Circle Pro


You are probably looking for a cheap Ab Circle Pro, as this is right now is the most popular (and most advertised) ab machine in the market. This ab machine is endorsed by fitness celebrity Jennifer Nicole Lee. If you want to buy the ab circle pro cheap for the best price then please see below.

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Why should you buy the Ab Circle Pro?

The advantages of the Ab Circle is that it trains your abs and your obliques. It is easily folded for storage and transportable. You’ll notice that is really quite a workout and you can adjust the machine to your fitness level. The Ab Circle Pro works your abs muscles, but it is also a cardio exercise so it helps you to burn belly fat if you work out for a longer time (tip: instead of increasing the intensity by changing the incline position, make your workout longer so it works more as a cardio exercise).

It’s important to keep in mind that the Ab Circle Pro has a weight limit of 275 pounds. You will exercise on your knees so if you suffer with some kind of knee problems it is probably not the right ab machine for you. There have been some reports of quality issues – a problem of quality control, as not all machines are like this.


  • Use knee pads to protect your knees and keep your knees in place when exercising.
  • The Ab Circle Pro might slip around if you use it on a wooden floor, so it’s better to place on a carpet.
  • Remember to read all the directions and start slowly, especially if you are seriously out of shape.

If you order the Ab Circle Pro through their official website, initially you only have to pay 14.95 US$. But then they charge 34.50 US$ for shipping and handling (non-refundable!) and if you decide to keep it, there are five payments of 39.95 US$ each, so the total is over 200 US$ and you actually can buy it cheaper at Amazon!

Click for pricing and to read customer reviews

If you want to tone your ab muscles, you might also be interested in a cheap slendertone flex pro.

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