What to look for when choosing an Abs Machine?


Buying an abs machine can get you on the road to getting these firm abdominals you dream of. But as with any investment, you want to chose carefully where you put your money. In our last article we looked at some advantages abdominal machines have and how they can help you with your lower ab workout to achieve these desired rock hard abs. Today we are going to look with detail what points you need to keep in mind when you consider buying your own ab exercise equipment.

We recommend you to first analyze whether you really want to buy an abs machine or whether maybe you prefer an abs workout program combined with a diet for burning belly fat. Many internet sites offer such programs or you can hire a personal trainer.

Not all abdominal machines really deliver what they promise, so before taking a decision on which is the best ab machine for you, first consider these recommendations:

  1. Check out a variety of different models and look which ones fit best your objectives and your general physical condition. You can get a personal trainer to recommend you or you can check out the reviews on different websites. Very soon you will also find product reviews on this site.
  2. The abs machine should be adaptable to your height and weight.
  3. In order to avoid any injuries, you need to make sure that the abdominal machine is not going to stress your back. This is especially important if you suffer from any kind of back problem, in this case you should consult your health provider for recommendations.
  4. The abs machine should target all abdominal muscles (Upper ab and lower ab workout, abdominal oblique and transverses abdominis).
  5. The abdominal machine should be comfortable to use and not cause any discomfort or cramping.
  6. Check also whether it gives support to your neck.
  7. You also need to check whether you actually have enough space at home for your new abs exercise equipment.

Keep in mind that contrary to what most people think, the most expensive abs machine is not necessarily the best. Unless you’re a hard-core bodybuilder, you should be able to find a suitable cheap abs machine for around 100 US$ or less, so don’t spend too much! For example, you can find a cheap ab circle pro – right now one of the most popular ab machines – for around 130 US$.


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