What is a Portable Ion Generator


Most people think that they know what a portable ion generator does, but are actually surprised to find out what they can be used for.

A portable ion generator is used by people across the world who are interested in breathing in high quality air. They can be purchased for a relatively inexpensive price, and are very valuable to many homeowners. The average price of these generators is approximately $160; even though you will find some models that are more expensive, and some that are less expensive.

These generators are used to remove airborne particles from the environment. They get rid of particulates, odors, and gases that make for an uncomfortable atmosphere. They can also help to rid the smoke in the air, which makes this a perfect buy for anybody that likes to smoke cigarettes.

These generators are also widely used for commercial purposes. They are a huge help at bars and clubs where the amount of smoke in the air can sometimes drive away customers. By using these generators, bars and clubs can keep cleaner air, which will in turn keep more people at the establishment. This is a great investment for any business that has a lot of people coming in and out all day long. You will want to make sure that you offer a top notch environment, and ion generators will go a long way in doing this.

Overall, a portable ion generator is great for home or commercial use. If you are having a problem with your air quality, pick one of these generators up today.

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