What Exercise Is Good For Your Heart

What Exercise Is Good For Your Heart

Who doesn’t want to have a stronger and healthier heart, right? Because stronger heart equal to longer life! Whether you think you don’t have a strong enough heart, or not as healthier as it used to be, I am here to help and break down a few types of exercises that are good and will improve your heart health and strength.

5 Exercises That Will Improve The Health Of Your Heart

1. Swimming

I hate to say this, that I doesn’t know how to swim. But swimming is a good way to improve your heart health and overall health, and not only that. When you are under water, it will provides the resistance for your body, therefore you will improve your muscle strength and tone. If you have any joint problems, then this will be a great exercise for you. Hmm…I might learn how to swim next time.

2. Walking

Yeap you heard me, walk, walk and walk! You don’t need to be an athlete or a marathon runner to have a strong and healthy heart, walking is a great way to stay healthy, if you think you have no time to go to the gym, or lazy to do your daily exercise, then just walk more than you usually do.. Walk to your favourite restaurant, walk to your nearest gym, walk around the neighbourhood or anywhere as long you still remember how to go back to your own home, ok? The faster you walk, the better it is for your heart. If your heart rate doesn’t go up, that means you are walking too slow and the turtle is catching up.

3. Cycling

Another great cardiovascular exercise that’s great for the heart, I will always prefer cycling over running, because it’s easy on the joints, and it’s more fun than just walking and running, especially if you have a bicycle that you can ride outdoor. Get your self a bicycle, I am sure you will not regret about it! Cycling can burn as much or more calories than you do with running.

4. Weight Training

I love this shit, this is what I do 5 – 6 times a week! Not only it pumps up your heart rate, you will also benefits from muscle building by lifting those heavy ass weights! If you are looking for a strong healthy heart plus a great looking body, this is the way to go baby! Whether you are a male or female, both will look great if they have weight training as part of their exercise.

5. Jumping Rope

This is my On-the-go cardio machine! Yes jump rope is one awesome exercise tool that you should think about investing one for your self and family. Jumping rope can kick your heart rate up in just a short amount of time, and that is equal to stronger heart in the making! Perfect for people who love to exercise at home. I am using the Buddy Lee Rope Master Jump Rope which I’ll highly recommend.


To improve the health of your heart, exercise alone will not bring that big of a justice for your heart, you have to eat healthy to stay healthy and have a healthy heart, is that clear enough? You can’t eat junk foods and exercise 4 days a week and expect to have a healthier heart, alright? You have to stop eating junks, because those craps contain bad fats in it, which will do no good to your heart(engine), and the chances are you can get heart disease from eating too much of junks. You got to pump good fuel into your body for your engine to run better and smoother. So start eating good fats(good fuel) and stop eating junks that contain bad fats(bad fuel) for a much stronger and healthier heart(engine).


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