Weighted Gloves


The additional upper body strain from using weighted gloves can spice up many different workouts. The increased resistance will intensify jogging, running, and various cardio routines. The gloves will usually add anywhere from 1 to 5 pounds to the hands, forcing the arms to do extra work to achieve full muscular mobility. They are frequently used by kickboxers to enhance balance and to improve punching form.

Most of these gloves are made of neoprene, a synthetic rubber material used to make wet suits. Other gloves may be made out of lycra or spandex, common materials for athletic apparel and accessories. The weighted gloves will hug comfortably to the hands, allowing the gloves to be flexible without slipping off. Usually, the gloves have a velcro strip to provide extra stability. The gloves come in many different shapes and sizes, usually to accommodate the additional weight. Some of these gloves may include storage pockets for small items such as cash or car keys.

Most of these are fingerless; this allows a user to make use of their hands as they would without the gloves. Poorly made gloves will either be made of a lesser material, or will not stay secure on a user’s hand. It is important for someone interested in weighted gloves to find out what weight and design is appropriate for their needs. Fortunately, sets of aerobic weighted gloves are also available if you are not able to test out the gloves prior to purchasing them. Finding the right weight for your gloves is often not difficult, but it is important.

If used improperly, weighted gloves may cause injury. If you are using a weight that is too heavy for you, risks may include pulled muscles or dislocated joints. If you are interested in experimenting with these gloves, it would be wise to start with a small weight first to see what’s right for you. Even when using a comfortable weight, it is important to use caution until you know how the gloves will effect your workout routine. This is especially the case for anyone using these gloves for martial arts training of any kind; the weights create additional force. An inexperienced user may find their fist wandering into inanimate objects, or a workout partner. It would be a shame to be known as the gym klutz from incorporating weighted gloves into your workout without using some precautions

However, with experience and care, weighted gloves can provide many benefits. Walkers, joggers, and runners will experience an increased heart rate; sustaining this increased heart rate will stimulate the metabolism. A good pair of weighted gloves can provide an extra spark for someone doing cardiovascular exercises for weight loss. Martial artists can enjoy many benefits of the weighted glove. The additional force and heft of the glove will assist in tuning up the focus, precision and speed of punching or grappling maneuvers. The body will eventually compensate for the weight during the training process, making your limbs easier to control without them. Making a quick jab or a high-power punch will be easier than ever before with proper use of the gloves.

Weighted gloves are easy to come by. They can be found at any number of sporting goods stores, such as Dick’s or Sports Authority. Major department store retailers such as Target or Wal-Mart may also carry them. Also, many online venders readily stock these gloves. The average cost for the gloves is usually somewhere between $15-25 dollars. Considering the expense of most exercise equipment on the market, these gloves can be an inexpensive way to optimize your workout. It is important to be careful while browsing for a pair of weighted gloves, as it is easy to accidentally purchase non-weighted gloves. Non-weighted gloves are most commonly used by weight-lifters to secure their grip on weights, so this might not be the type of fitness glove you are looking for.

If you are interested in using weighted gloves in your next workout, you may be impressed with how much these can contribute to a more toned body and healthy physique. You may never look at your sports performance in the same way again.


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