Weight Lifting Gloves You Will Love


Weight training and weight lifting are very parts of any serious workout regimen. The use of weights ensures that we not only burn off calories and lose body fat, we also replace the fat with muscle to make us stronger and more healthy.

Unfortunately, one must have the proper equipment when lifting weights to avoid injury. This includes gloves to prevent injury to the palms. These reviews are for those who are getting serious about weight lifting gloves.

GoFit Diamond-Tac claims to be the most technologically advanced weight lifting gloves on the market today. The feature and exclusive Diamond-Tac grip pattern that is supposed to increase grip strength and fight fatigue in the hands. The palm is ergonomically cut to provide protection without being unnecessarily bulky.

They are constructed of a synthetic leather that was designed and developed for the military which provides a nearly indestructible palm. These gloves may be washed and dried in a machine like regular clothing.

Users report that these gloves are quite good. They have a little padding in the palms, but not so much that it interferes with their grip. The downside is that the neoprene backs do not breathe well, making the hands sweat. As a plus, they have a finger tab that makes removal easier.

The Harbinger 1215 Big Grip are weight lifting gloves designed for serious weight lifters. They feature a Dura Grip rubber pad in the palm and on the fingers to make grabbing the bar easier with better traction and more cushioning. They also have a fully adjustable closure at the wrist to customize the fit.

User reviews are more negative than positive for this particular glove. Most find that the padding in the palm is excessive, making it nearly impossible to perform any pulling exercises. On the other hand, the extra padding is a plus when performing pressing exercises.

The Harbinger Pro features machine washable leather to increase durability, comfort, and flexibility. The wrist closure is adjustable to make the fit snug but comfortable. The backs are composed of a stretch mesh material that allows the hands to move naturally and breathes so the hands stay cool. There is some padding in key areas.

Valeo Ocelot Wrist Wrap weight lifting gloves are made of full grain leather with a wrist wrap that provides added stability in the wrist. The palms have ergonomic, slow recovery foam padding that provides additional grip and comfort. They have nylon mesh backs with Velcro closures that allow the hands to breathe and stay dry.

Users of these weight lifting gloves rate them extremely well. The padding in the palms and fingers prevents blisters and sore palms completely. The only real complaint from anyone is that these gloves are made to fit more snugly than other brands, making it necessary to order a size larger than would be needed in others. Other than that, most feel that these are the best gloves they have ever used for serious weight lifting.

These reviews are not intended to tell a person which weight lifting gloves to purchase, but to provide information that will help when trying to make a decision about what to buy.


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