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Welcome to weight bench reviews! Why should you waste your valuable time scouring the internet for information on weight benches when you can get it done here?

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We will be featuring product reviews, consolidating manufacturers’ descriptions, buyer reviews and info from comparison shopping sites in one place so you can find out what you need to know quickly.

Cheap Weight Bench

We know you have an eye for value – so we will try to identify the weight benches that give you the best features for the least money. There are some surprising bargains to be had at the low end of the market. We’ll help you find them, and steer you away from the ones that may not hold up over time. There IS a difference between an inexpensive weight training bench and cheap weight benches.

Olympic Weight Bench

The granddaddy of them all. for the serious weightlifter, there is no substitute. An Olympic bench is larger, stronger, and more stable. The extra distance between the uprights gives you all the room you need, and Olympic bars let you really load up the plates.

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Folding Weight Bench

These benches allow you to set up your bench as a standard flat bench, an incline bench, or even (on better models) as a decline bench. Versatile and space saving, folding weight benches are the most common choice in home gyms.

Golds gym benchAdjustable Weight Bench

A step beyond a simpler folding weight bench, a true adjustable weight bench goes a step further, and can approach a true weight training system. These units offer additional features such as adjustable uprights, leg extent ion attachments, cable pull-down attachments and much more.

Weight Benches

This will be our catch-all category, where we will list and review the specialty weight training benches that do not fit easily into the categories above. An example of a weight bench might be a ab bench, or a decline only bench.

This will also be where we can toss in the weight lifting benches that have a lot of accessories, but still do not quite reach the level of complexity required to called a home gym system.

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