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Weight benches form the most integral part of any fitness regime, be it at home or in the gym. A typical model of these consists of a weight training flat bench which is usually coupled with a weight set and bar for use in workout sessions. It is the main piece to be bought when opting for a home gym experience. Most recent models of such benches have options of adjusting the seat position to incline, decline, military press and flat; depending upon the type of exercise a person prefers. The prices of these boards vary and depend on their quality, size and other accessories added to them.

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weight bench with arm curl

It has a typical horizontally extending seat, which is roughly one foot in width and at a height of three feet from the ground. The seat/board is often padded to cushion the user while exercising. The person lies down flat on a bench to do the exercise. Mostly, weightlifting exercises that involve the use of dumbbells or barbells are done on this, hence they are named weights benches. In order to do other exercises, additional pieces that suit the requirements of user can be ordered and placed around the board accordingly so that more exercises can be carried out in the same position.

When buying these, you must keep in mind two important factors – sturdiness and support. A weight bench has to be sturdy in order to handle the weight of the person lying on it, the dumbbells, barbells and other exercising equipments. The body should be preferably made of metal and the supporting legs should be thick enough to not bend.

It should be noted that bench is well balanced and able to support the one exercising; it should not tip when in use. Since many exercises will be done on it, the weight bench should have enough support so that the user does not get injured when the weight is not evenly distributed. The barbells can be positioned on one end of the bench for the person to do bench press. Leg attachments can also be added to your weight bench accessories so that different exercises like leg curls or leg extensions can be carried out. Also, other extensions can be added to hold the user when doing other exercises like sit—ups or crunches.

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