Weider Home Gym


The Weider fitness company has created several different types of home gyms for consumers to buy. The Weider home gym can be a good value if you have space in your home to put it and you don’t like going to your local gym to workout. They have built several different models over the years and are constantly coming up with new products for people to buy. To get a good idea of what products they currently have available it would be a good idea for you to visit their site weiderfitness.com.

Some other products that have had a lot of popularity over the years include the Weider 8530 home gym and the Weider crossbow home gym. Many of you may remember the commercials for the crossbow that were on television constantly for a number of years. The company did really well with those products as thousands of people purchase their crossbow product for use in their home.

One of the best products they currently have is the Weider club bench and the Weider club 8980 W system. Both of these have several different aspects to the machine that you can use to get a pretty full body workout. These machines contain things that you would find in a regular gym that allow you to work out the various muscles of your body including lower body and upper body. You can find instructions on how to conduct these various exercises and different Weider home gym workout ideas that can help you to accomplish your fitness goals.

You should plan to spend at least $500 when purchasing any type of Weider Home Gyms but typically you will have to spend over $1000 for any of the products. So they are not super cheap but they also not super expensive. You may also build to find some used products for sale on websites such as eBay.com.

You should have a good idea of what this company manufactures and whether or not you can receive benefit from using one of their products.


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