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If you’re after top of the line gas bbq grills then Weber Summit Grill series is definitely worth considering.

Equipped with all the whistles and bells, these fancy gas grills are ready to entertain the crowd with amazingly delicious barbeques and their stunning elegant designs.

Weber Summit makes are sold as stainless steel gas grills – under S series, and the two color choices of Black and Copper – under E series.

While these gas barbeque grills are rated overall 5 stars for performance, ease of use and features, the value for price is still a question mark, somewhere between 3.5 to 4 star ratings. Just like with many other Weber models, you pay a bit more for Weber Summit grill compared to other less expensive brands like Char-broilBrinkmann or its own high end Ducane outdoor grills.

On the other hand, Weber Summit series won’t be able to give you a full stainless steel outdoor kitchen installation such as what premium DCS or Viking brands can offer. Nonetheless, Weber is the only company out there that gives you full 24/7 customer support and help in case something goes wrong.

So if you are on the market for over $1000 outdoor gas grills, it is recommended to do some search into other brands as well to get the best deal for your investment. But the Summit line represents the best of what Weber has to offer, notable for their long lasting quality, durability, efficient heating per BTU power rating and full bbq features.

Without bothering you with all the available models ( in case you’re curious, they are: S-420, S-460, S-450, S-470, S-620, S-660, S-650, S-670 and E-420, E-450, E-620, E-650), if you’re going to buy Weber Summit grills, there are too popular models to consider – the Weber Summit S-450 and Weber Summit S-650

Lastly, it’s a good idea to buy vinyl cover bags to protect these beautiful gas creatures from rusting and damages caused by rain and harsh weather conditions.

Weber Summit S-450 Propane Gas Grill

weber summit s 450 gas grill

Consumer Ratings

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  • Good balance between price tag and useful features
  • Has 4 Powerful burners that give out highly efficient 48,800 BTU-per-hour input
  • Extra side flush mounted burner to boost the grilling power by 12,000 BTU more
  • The 8,000 BTU smoker makes smoking with gas even easier than with charcoal. It also has a smoker box that holds wood chips or mesquite for deliciously flavored smoked bbqs
  • A 10,600 BTU-per-hour infrared rear mounted rotisserie burner that cooks restaurant quality roast fowl, lamb kebabs and other meat with ease.
  • Flavorizer bars that eliminate the burning of the outside of grilled meat and thus give them better smoky flavors
  • The thick 3/8 inch (9.5mm) diameter stainless steel rod cooking grates are excellent at retaining heat for those meticulous steak searing tasks.
  • Electric Snap-Jet Individual burner ignition system that gets it right in the first push of the button
  • Runs as both (LP) propane – fueled and natural gas grills
  • A large warming rack of 112 sq. inches to keep you barbecue away from grilling dusts or coals ashes while in cooking process
  • 2 Grill Out handle lights and 6 Tool holders for convent multi task grilling
  • Clean and modern look with stainless steel finish
  • Backed up by hard to beat warranty from Weber-Stephen Co.
  • Expensive and does not perform much better than lower price Genesis series
  • Small cooking area compared to the size of the grill (total 580 sq. inches). But because Weber  design is very efficient, it is enough to space to cook everything at once for most families .
weber summit s 650 gas grill

Consumer Ratings

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Weber Summit S-650 Propane Gas Grill

This series of Weber Summit grill has all the features as listed above for Weber Summit S-450 gas grill, but it has larger cooking surface area of total 769 sq. inches with 6 main burners totaling 60,000 BTU per hour.

The warming rack is also bigger at 145 sq. inches.

Overall, this gas beast is excellent choice if you need to cook for mass of people (more than 4 at a time). But beware that it burns through 20lb. LP propane tank very quickly. Some users found it much more economical to hook it up to natural gas source.

How to Find the Best Price

Hint: sometimes Amazon does offer discount Weber Summit grill series at the lowest price you can find – even below minimum suggested manufacturer’s price. It is against trade regulations to display such prices online, so they only give you the real quote once you proceed to check out.

Be sure to keep an eye for free super saver shipping, this will save you some decent cost on delivery.

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