Weber Portable 386002 Q 100


Best Gas Grill Reviews – Weber Portable 386002 Q 100

Weber 386002 q 100 best gas grill reviews

Weber 386002 q 100

Best Gas Grill Reviews – Weber Q 100 Overview

The Weber Q 100 Portable Gas Grill has premium features you expect from the Weber brand in a portable size that allows you to enjoy exceptional grilling taste and flavor whenever – and wherever – you desire. An efficient, 8,500 BTU stainless steel burner distributes heat across the 189 square-inch cooking surface, and is covered by a porcelain-enameled cast-iron grate. The lightweight cast-aluminum lid and body makes this grill an ideal companion for a camping trip or tailgating party. Best Price at AMA

Best Gas Grill Reviews – Weber Q 100 Features

  • Large Enough For a Family of Four – The deceptively large 189 square-inch cooking surface can comfortably fit six 1/3-pound burgers at one time.
  • Convenient Fuel Source – The Q 100 accepts standard, disposable 14-16 ounce propane containers (these are not included). You can attach and remove these in seconds. However, each one will provide hours of enjoyment. And, if you’re planning on using the grill for more than a couple of hours at a time, you’ll want to use the adapter that comes with the grill so you can hook the grill to a full-sized propane tank.
  • Push-Button Ignition – No messing with charcoal and lighter fluid. Simply press the ignition key and start grilling.
  • Get the Perfect Flame Every Time –  Once you start the grill, you can make precise adjustments to the 8,500 BTU burner output by simply adjusting a knob. A high quality regulator is included.
  • Cast-Iron Grate – The premium quality you expect from a Weber grill is on full display with this porcelain-enameled cast-iron grate. The grate gets hot quickly and allows heat to be evenly distributed across the surface – for fewer hot spots that can cause uneven grilling.
  • Removable Drip Pan to Catch Spills – The aluminum pan sits underneath the burner and captures any grease from spilling over. You’ll spend more time enjoying your grill with less time spent cleaning.
  • Built to Last – Sturdy glass-reinforced nylon grill frame, cast aluminum lid and body, a large weather-resistant lid handle

Best Gas Grill Reviews – Weber Q 100 Additional Features

  • Sets Up in Minutes – Like all Weber grills, the Q 100 is easy to use. It sets up in minutes without the need for any special tools.
  • 5-Year Limited Warranty
  • Weber® Q® Recipe Booklet – expand your menu or simply learn how to get the best performance from your grill

Best Gas Grill Reviews – Weber Q 100 Conclusion

It’s easy to see why the Q 100 is one of the most popular portable grills. Even when fully assembled it takes up less than two feet of space, allowing you to transport it in the car, or even on an airplane.

But like any grill, the attraction of this grill comes down to its performance. This grill is exceptional for cooking hamburgers, chicken and fish. But don’t let that limit your imagination. The Q 100 has more than enough power to give steaks a great sear.

The Q 100 is a grill you’ll want to use every day. As you get more comfortable with the grill, you’ll find that Weber has several reasonably priced accessories including grilling tools and a vinyl cover. All of these reflect the premium quality that you expect from the Weber brand name.

If you want to do more sophisticated grilling techniques like indirect grilling – where the food cooks without being over the burner – you’ll want to try a full-size grill like the Weber Genesis S-330. Best Price at AMA

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