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With Weber Performer Grill, you get all the cooking benefits of One Touch series, plus lots of extra gadgets and features to make cooking barbeque dishes more easily, entertaining and more controllable, especially for savvy grillers.

While getting over $300, it’s one of the most expensive yet one of the best barbeque charcoal grills in the market.

Considering the quality, performance, durability and extra useful features that come with this Weber Performer charcoal grill, it is easy to understand why.

The highlight of this charcoal bbq grill is in its propane gas tank ignitions system, that simply lets you push the button, let the gas burn for a while and than a moment later you get really hot flaming charcoals, ready to give you succulently roasted turkeys, deliciously smoked salmon or juicy flavorful steaks.

This Weber Performer Grill’s innovative approach alone has found raving positive reviews,  especially from those who live in colder areas, where the task of lighting up coals during freezing winter is already a challenge in itself.

Full packed with all the features for outdoor charcoal barbecue grilling, Weber Performer is also a great smoker that will deliver those mouth watering flavored taste everyone enjoys.

Pros of Weber Performer Charcoal Grill

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  • Cooks excellent grills and smoked meat with 22.5 inches porcelain-enameled bowl and lid
  • Touch-N-Go – unique, fast & simple firing system with propane gas ignition – one of the best features in Weber Performer that very few barbeque charcoal grills have. This neat trick alone saves you the time and money on lighter fluid or fire starters, and gives you the best of both gas and charcoal worlds.
  • Convenient workspace with extra utensils storage. The Performer has three built-in tool holders, a lid catcher to retain the cover when it’s hot and storage rack underneath the plastic work table.
  • Dual-purpose thermometer that gives you precise temperature control and accurate adjustments for tastier bbq meat
  • Plated steel hinged grilling grate that retains high heat for those high heat demanding steak searing tasks
  • 2 Char-Basket enclosed charcoal fuel bins, that facilitate bbq grilling or smoking with direct or indirect heat
  • Integrated storage container for back up coals for easy access during long cooking sessions.
  • Easy cleaning up thanks to the Weber’s One-Touch cleaning system. With a simple sweep of a lever you can push ashes into a removable catch pan for fast and effortless disposal
  • Solid construction and durable with Weber class warranty and customer support
  • Multi-color choice: in black, dark blue, and green for different tastes
  • Also includes handy Weber Cookbook with your purchase

Cons of Weber Performer Grill

  • Some people don’t like the plastic work table instead of older version’s stainless steel construction. But that’s how Weber managed to keep it affordable under $400. Plus it’s also easy to clean.
  • Expensive compared to similar cheaper end Weber charcoal grills, which can perform almost the same, but with less features

Best Deal on Weber Performer

Our cost analysis has indicated that has the best price for Weber 1421001 Performer Charcoal Grill, Black. Make sure you also get the Weber 7455 Premium Cover to protect the grill from rusting and damage caused by atmospheric moisture and weather change.

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