Weber Kettle Grill Reviews


One-Touch and Ranch Charcoal Kettle Grill Reviews

The Weber kettle grill is targeted towards anyone who wants a well-designed, no-nonsense patio grill that isn’t too expensive, yet has a lot of value and quality.

Weber is known for making solid charcoal grills that are easy to use and durable. The Weber One-Touch Silver or Gold Kettle Grills and Weber 60020 Ranch Kettle Grill all continue this tradition in offering a reliable product for grilling BBQ, beef, pork, chicken, and anything else that needs to be smoked with rich flavor.

These products are also highly useful for large groups, such as company picnics, family reunions, church gatherings, and other special events. So what are some of the common uses concerning a charcoal Weber ranch kettle grill?

Weber One Touch Charcoal Grills


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The first product we will look at is the Weber 741001 One-Touch Silver Kettle Grill. This grill has a surface 22.5 inches in diameter and has a porcelain-enameled steel lid and bowl, along with aluminum legs and vents that are resistant to rust. It also features a patented One-Touch stainless steel cleaning and venting system for ease of use.

Consumers really admire Weber Kettle grill for its strengths. They say the ash filtering is superb with one-touch unique vent system. In addition, the grill-smoker features high-quality hardware, solid construction, rust and chip-resistant porcelain grate, easy assembly, simplicity, and a design that maximizes the amount of heat retained to create an oven effect.

Of course, the One-Touch smoker has its downsides as well. While the 741001 is not the most expensive products on the market for charcoal smoking genre, it can be pricey. Also, the One-Touch cleansing system has problems in that it is not as effective as desired. Plus, Weber recently changed the handles from wood to plastic – nylon handles, which means they may heat up and can become too hot to handle, though this wasn’t a big issue for many barbecue lovers.

This Weber Silver Charcoal grill costs just under $90 and many buyers found very good bargains by ordering it with Weber 7453 Premium Kettle Cover and Weber 7416 Rapidfire Chimney Starter combo for a total of less then $130, including free shipping at

An upgrade to this Silver version is Weber One-Touch Gold charcoal grill. Wondering whether you should choose Silver or Gold versions? Compared to Silver, the Gold Weber charcoal kettle grill is very similar in design and construction, but has some improvements, such as the removable high capacity ash catcher with a lot more capacity to hold ashes than Silver, and an extended 10 years limited warranty. The compensation for this is a price tag of under $150.

Weber Ranch Kettle Grill


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Weber 60020 The Ranch Charcoal Kettle is one of the most sought after high quality Weber charcoal grill which has received many positive reviews of nearly 5 stars. It is considered to be an even better option than the Performer series, which come with all the bells and whistles, like built in thermometer and instant push button gas ignition.

This premium Weber Kettle grill has a whopping 1,104 square inches of cooking area, along with a triple nickel plated hinged cooking grate, removable ash catcher, and porcelain-enameled bowl – sure to be a complete set for any size smoked meat parties.

Consumers have raved about the size of the 60020 and how it can be used to grill up delicious BBQ beef, fish, pork, racks of ribs and chicken for large groups. They also love the great charcoal taste that Weber is known for, and use this particular grill to make an impression due to its imposing appearance.

One thing to consider, though, is that this unit can cost over $1,000, which may be out of the reach of some budgets. Also, it is not easily portable. But, those who own the Ranch buy it because of its large cooking space, durability, high and even temperature distribution, and and awesome taste that can hardly be match by any other models of charcoal smoking.


Most consumers who buy the One-Touch or Ranch Weber kettle grill buy them for the great charcoal taste, well-made design, and sturdy, long-lasting construction. The two types of grills reviewed offer longevity, ease of use, and convenience. The Weber Ranch kettle grill in particular is quite large and is enough for a large family, corporate outing, or other social event; if you are in need of a premium charcoal bbq grill, the large sticker price is probably worth it.

If you desire a solid, functional, and attractive charcoal kettle grill, a Weber kettle grill is the way to go.

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