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For most grilling enthusiasts, buying a Weber electric grill means having a compact portable cooker that can be used both indoor – with limited available space and the same time saving the hassles of buying gas fuel or charcoal burners.

With that understanding in mind, the Weber brand has released its only electric model – Q 140 bbq grill. The main focus of this Weber portable grill is in compact size and ease of use for frequent travelers, or simply for those who want to make the grilling process down to earth simple and clean.

You can read the full review of Weber Q-140 Electric Grill here.

If you were looking for more options on choosing Weber electric grills, you might be a little disappointed to only find one model on sale. The rest of this article will explain why an electric based barbeque grill might not be very popular amongst the bbq community.

What You Need to Know About Weber Electric Barbecue Grills?

As stated above, the major two benefits of owning electric bbq grills are portability and simple and easy cleaning after each cook. This is mainly because you won’t have to deal with nasty gas equipments and gadgets or any spilled over charcoal ashes.

On the other hand, the Weber Q-140 is just too small for an average family size grilling needs. With total cooking area of only 189 square inches, you might have to get a second one for more enjoyable and fun cooking (so you don’t have to wait until the next lot of meat or steak can be grilled).

And even though the electric Weber grill comes in budget price ( just under $230), it might not be very cheap if you add all the electricity power bills in the long run. Due to the nature of electric heating, it also takes a little bit longer than gas barbecue grills to properly cook any food.

Plus, as hot as it might seem, consumers have reported not being able to get completely well seared steaks from a portable electric grill, because it can not reach very high temperature due to small size and limited electric current.

To sum it it up, if you are after a portable Weber electric grill, and not necessarily electric smokers, then definite buy the Weber 526001 Q 140 Electric Barbeque Grill, its simply easy to use and hassle free to clean. But if you want better cooking device to feast the crowed with tasty cooked food, and still want some level of portability, than your best pick would be the Weber Q gas grill series.

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