Waterproof Work Gloves


If you’re one who’s work or even hobby requires a great deal of outdoor activity, then waterproof work gloves are what you need. Whether it’s a sport like snowboarding, a hobby or job in gardening or fishing, you will find that waterproof work gloves will make your life and job much easier and much more enjoyable.

These kinds of gloves are ideal since the outdoors is so unpredictable with rain, cold or snow. You need to keep your hands warm, comfortable and dry all day or night when you are working. This includes small gardening jobs to laying unilock pavers. By doing so allows you to stay longer at your job. Gardeners usually have a choice of leather, cotton, or nylon. The gloves need to fit well and need to make it easy for you to get into those areas you need to get. Dirt and rocks must not be able to easily come into the glove, either, as that becomes uncomfortable and defeats the purpose. So the gloves need to fit snugly.

Wells Lamont gloves are a good brand to consider with this. The company provides two main types of gloves – garden gloves and work gloves. Within its garden gloves range it has four main types of glove brands – ProGarden, GardenLeather, Wet & Muddy and Garden Textiles. These obviously cover all the different needs of gardeners. Then, even within these brands there are certain products. To suit our purposes of waterproofing, the Wet & Muddy range is the best bet. Here there are the Wet & Muddy Conditions gloves; the Nitrile Coated Knit Shell gloves; Latex Coated Knit Shell Gloves; and even Kid’s Benny the Buzzing Bumble Bee gloves.

The Wet & Muddy Conditions Gloves from Lamont have a textured latex coating (for grip) and are made with a soft poly or cotton shell, depending on your needs. The glove fits snugly around the wrist (a knit wrist) for keeping dirt out. This is the kind of glove you need for wet gardening conditions. The many leather gloves on offer are great when it comes to shooting gloves, as well as the waterproof options. You need good gloves for proper shooting and no-one should get out into the field without a good pair of gloves.

When it comes to work gloves you can also get hold of the company’s disposable vinyl gloves, which come in packs of 10, 50, 100 or 300. Vinyl has a much more loose fit compared to latex, which offers more comfort and air flow to the hand. As to allergies, it’s obviously a great alternative for those allergic to latex. The disposable gloves are lightly powdered to make them easy to get on and off, and each glove fits either hand, so there’s no problem with making sure the right glove is on the right hand.

So if its work, play, or anything in between – and anything outdoors – you need to make sure you get gloves that will keep your hands dry, comfortable and clean. That’s why you should make sure you get the right waterproof work gloves.


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