Waterproof winter gloves


Whether you are throwing snowballs or working in the winter weather, chances are you will find a use for waterproof winter gloves. However, not all people understand exactly what the difference between waterproof gloves and your standard winter gloves is.
The difference between your average winter glove and waterproof winter gloves is the treatment they receive upon manufacturing. While your average glove slips on past with little more than stitching and an over-coat of water resistant fabric; most of your waterproof winter gloves are treated with a fine layer of waterproofing spray.
While you may think that finding waterproof gloves will be simple, that couldn’t be further from the truth. Unfortunately, there are many retailers that boast carrying waterproof gloves when in reality they are only water resistant. This is why you should always purchase your waterproof winter gloves from a reputable retailer either online or locally.


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