Water Sediment Filters – Not The Way To Go.


Water Sediment Filters – Not The Way To Go….

If You Want Clean, Healthy Drinking Water

Water sediment filters are not the way to go if you are even remotely interested in having cleaner, healthier drinking water in your home.

Whilst having one in your home is certainly a lot better than having no water filter system at all, you can get much better protection against a wide range of drinking water contaminants. How?

Sediment water filters may be useful if you get water from a natural source, like a well, where dirt in your water may be a problem.

Or if you want to improve upon the appearance of your tap water by getting the dirt out, when pouring a drink for your friends.

But chemicals and microorganisms in your water pose a far greater danger to your health than a little sediment in your water. See this list of hazardous drinking water contaminants and read about how ingesting them can cause alzheimer’s, cancer, learning disorders and even death.

The fact is that the vast majority of water sediment filters are not certified to remove the more toxic water pollutants. Water filter certfication is the best way to know what pollutants a filtering device is capable of removing.

So, if you are serious about getting a quality home water filtration device, get a whole house water purification system or point-of-use water purifier that is certified to remove more than just sediment.

Many certified water filters utlize activated carbon filtration to remove a whole host of chemcial contaminats and micro-organisms. They also utilize sub micron filter cartridges to remove even the smallest contaminant from your water that conventional cartridges are unable to eliminate.

These wholehouse water filter and point-of-use countertop water filter and under counter water filters, are certified and use both activated carbon and submicron filtration technology.

So effective are point-of-use water purification devices mentioned above over water sediment filters that they were voted “Best Buy” in America by Consumer Digest Magazine, 6 years in a row – 2003-2008!

But perhaps, you don’t feel that having a home water treatment system is necessary. You might be thinking that the Federal Government through its various agencies, do toxological tests on water so as to ensure that quality and safety levels are maintained.

Whilst this is true to a degree, be aware that municipal water treatment is not foolproof. Consider these three facts.

One, the widespread use of chlorine in drinking water as a means of disinfection of can contribute to serious health problems.

Two, a a ground-breaking investigation by the Associated Press found that there are pharmaceutical drugs in drinking water for which the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and municipal water authorities are unable to protect us from.

Three, outbreaks from water borne organisms have occured in the past, causing many people to get really sick or die.

It is for these reasons (and others) why you need a whole house water filter or point-of-use water filtration system. They give you potent protection from these three occurences that water sediment filters cannot provide and ensure that your drinking water is safe, healthy and great-tasting.

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