Protect Yourself From Water Filter Fraud


Protect Yourself From Water Filter Fraud

Water filter fraud is one of those scams that capitalizes on people’s fear. Although its a healthy choice for everyone to have a water filter in their home, the buyer must still beware of water filter fraud.

water filter fraud

If a salesperson or telemarketer asserts any of the following, its a huge red flag:

You home water supply is contaminated

Whilst its true that no water supply is totally contaminant-free, unscrupulous salespersons may assert that unusually high amounts of a particular contaminant is present in your area.

Some of these scam artists will even offer you free water testing. They send you a plastic bottle with instructions to fill it with water and wait for it to be collected. Then they call you later claiming their tests show that your water contains high amounts of whatever chemicals.

This is usually followed by an offer to sell you their “breakthrough” home water filter system or some overpriced countertop water filter that can be bought at the supermarket for $20.

Sometimes, a slick sales representative may come to your home and employ a long, high pressure sales presentation, to get you to buy their most expensive filter. Even legitimate companies within your area may employ sales personnel. Read these tips on buying a water filter before you spend your hard earned money with anyone.

If you suspect your water supply is contaminated, simply call the EPA safe drinking water hotline at 1-800-426-4791. Also, you can call the water service provider serving your area. They are required to prepare a yearly water quality report and make it public. This report tells you what contaminants are present and how they stack up to EPA standards.

Their drinking water filter is certified by the EPA and removes 100% of all contaminants found in your tap water

NSF International, is responsible for certifying home water filtration systems. Besides, no filter has ever been able to strip water of all contaminants.

Their home water purification systems are totally maintenance free

Again, more hogwash. All water filters require some maintenance, even if only to change the cartridges every now and again.

Hey, you won!

You get a call saying that you won a prize or some unknown amount of money. But in order to claim your prize, you have to buy a water filter from them. If you fall for this, you end up spending way more on the filter than what the prize is worth.

Safeguard Yourself Against Water Filter Fraud

If you get any calls from a salesperson, like those explained above, simply say “not interested” and hang up. They are most likely out to cheat you anyway, so why give them the time of day.

If you do fall victim to water filter fraud, file a complaint with your State Attorney, the Better Business Bureau nearest to the company that sold you the item or write/call the Federal Trade Commission (FTC)

You may also be able to get your money back if you paid my credit card. Try calling your bank and requesting a chargeback.

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