Water Cooler with Refrigerator


Click Image for PricingHaving a water cooler is great for supplying chilled water whenever you need it, but what happens if you want to serve other beverages in addition to water? Rather than getting a separate water cooler and mini-fridge, you can save money by buying a water cooler with a refrigerator unit built right in. These water dispensers take advantage of the small space at the bottom of the water cooler and have a small compartment that’s chilled that can accommodate several different canned or bottled beverages. This is perfect if you need set up a water cooler in a place like a conference room or perhaps a break room. You can supply both cold water as well as a range of different soft drinks without having multiple appliances. And what’s more, is you’ll end up saving money as the refrigeration technology on modern water coolers is very energy efficient, not to mention quieter.

Refrigeration Units on Water Coolers

I wanted to point out just a couple of things about the refrigerator compartment of the water cooler. Many modern water coolers use a device called a piezoelectric cooler that uses electricity and certain properties of different metals to produce a cooling effect. This technology is fairly new and incredibly energy efficient; however, its performance isn’t the same as traditional compressor refrigeration technology. So, if you’re expecting a full blown refrigerator that can chill beverages down to near freezing temperatures, this might not be exactly right for you. That being said the units will do a great job of taking a dozen soda pop cans and chilling them down to a refreshing temperature, which I believe is the main goal behind getting a water cooler with a refrigerator built in. Keep in mind that not all water coolers with the refrigeration units use this technology, some still use compressors, but it’s an important detail to look at before you purchase.

Where to Buy Water Cooler with Refrigerator

We looked all across the internet to find where to buy a water cooler with a refrigeration compartment and where you could get the best price. What we found was that the Water cooler with refrigerator from Amazon.com had some of the lowest prices. This water dispenser has all of the features that the best water cooler dispensers have: Top feeding bottled water port, hot and cold water dispensers, a push button faucet dispensing style, a removable drip tray for easy cleaning, and a high-efficiency compressor that’s really quiet. So if you’re in need of a new water cooler and you want some extra refrigeration space use the link below to buy a water cooler with refrigerator.


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