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Water Bottle racks are practically a necessity if you use a bottled water cooler dispenser. Bottled water coolers are great but they present one major problem: you have to use bottled water. And if you use bottled water you probably have a bottled water service that brings by a half dozen bottles for you every so often. So what do you do with the bottles you aren’t using? If you do what I do, you probably try to hide them somewhere close by but usually it’s the lesser of two evils the basement or the garage, neither of which are very close or convenient. Or if you do choose to suck it up and store them close by but in plain sight then you have to try and line them up out of the way. This is where water bottle racks come in.

Just to be clear here, we are talking about a water cooler bottle rack that holds the large 3 or 5 gallon water bottles. If you’re looking for the stackable roll down style water bottle rack that you can put in your pantry or fridge Click Here and if you’re looking for a water bottle rack that attaches to your bike Click Here

For a small investment, a water bottle rack will hold anywhere from 3 to 6 bottles of water (either the 3 or the 5 gallon kind). The racks will store the bottles three bottles high making the highest one about 3 feet off the ground. Most bottle racks will have rubber feet that will prevent the stand from moving around while you load them and will also protect your flooring. The assembly is a breeze taking only 10 minutes to put the entire thing together. Loading it is just as easy as the shelves are very open and have just enough cross support to keep the thing from shaking. There are small variety of models from Amazon that offer different finishes such as white metal, chrome, and satin finishes.

The two biggest issues with bottled water storage racks are that they A) allow water bottles to leak and B) are not very sturdy. The first problem is a result of the water bottle seal, there’s a plastic seal that pops up when you put the bottle onto the water cooler and it isn’t seated all the way. This is something that the water bottle service takes care of when they’re filling the bottles, and not all bottles do this; in fact few do. If this does happen to you, you can try to fix it by turning the bottle over the sink and let the weight of the water seal it. Or you can take it off the rack until you use it. The second issue that people have with water bottle racks is that they are not very sturdy. This will very from manufacturer to manufacturer and is mostly do to the hardware. Some companies will try to save money by using cheaper hardware. You can avoid this problem all together by purchasing one of the more expensive models as they are constructed with higher quality materials. While no one likes to pay more than they have to, when it comes to bottled water storage racks you’ll get what you pay for and if the worst happens you’ll have a whole lot of water spilled out on the floor to clean up. To me that’s worth the couple of extra dollars.

There are a couple of places that you can buy bottled water storage racks like this online. The best place I’ve found to purchase them is Amazon.com. They have the widest selection, have consistently low prices, and you get free shipping so you don’t have to scout around trying to calculate the best deal. They also have excellent customer service so if there is a problem and you need to get in touch with someone you don’t have to worry about a lesser known website.

Check Out Amazon’s Selection of Water Bottle Storage Racks


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