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Using a water bottle filter will result in a vast improvement in the quality of your tap water and a reduction in your dependence on bottled water.

It is common knowledge that tap water contains contaminants that over the long term, can have adverse effects on your health.

In response to this fact, many people have turned to bottled water as a “healthier alternative.”

However, a groundbreaking study done in 1999 done by the National Resources Defense Council points out that in many cases bottled water is just tap water in a bottle.

Sometimes a little more treated sometimes not. In other words, there is no assurance that bottled water is any safer than tap water.

If you are like me in that you like to drink lots of water when you go out instead of drinking sodas (which are packed with calories), then a water filter bottle is just what the doctor ordered.

A water bottle filter allows you to filter tap water wherever you are. Just twist off the cap, pour the tap water in, and the internal filter cartridges remove bad taste, chlorine, lead, odor and other contaminants.

This portable water filter is attractive, durable and easy to use. Not to mention economical. It can filter around 40 gallons of tap water, saving you a small fortune on bottle water.

And unlike the often misleading claims of bottle water such as “spring water” or “glacier water” – you know that with a water filter bottle, you are actually getting what it claims – clean, filtered water.

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portable water filter bottle gives you clean, healthy water wherever you go. Ideal for the gym, camping or school.

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