Waring Pro PBB2 Food and Beverage Blender Review


I’m a pretty good cook. So over the years, I’ve used a bunch of different blenders and I always come back to the same one – the Waring PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender
. As far as I’m concerned, it’s unsurpassed in performance, it’s easy to use and the cost is middle of the road. If you’re a savvy shopper on the ‘net, you can find one from about $95 to $115. That’s not bad!  If you are looking to read other reviews before deciding which blender to buy, return to the home page for more Waring blender reviews.

If you’re new to cooking or if you’re a ‘seasoned’ (that was a cheap play on words, I know!) cook and this is your first blender, there are a few things that you should look for when you’re surfing for info. First, be clear on what you’ll use the blender for – liquid blending (like soup), chopping (herbs, veggies, etc.), or solid items such as ice cubes. Remember: blenders are not equal!

O.K. Let’s get down to it. There are blenders with a glass carafe and those with a plastic carafe. The Waring Pro PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender sports a glass carafe and I think that’s the way to go. Plastic carafes will scratch and discolor quickly, especially if you’re blending foods that will stain, like tomato sauce. If you’re planning to display your blender on your counter top, the glass carafe looks great! Dishwasher safe, of course. Did I mention that the glass carafe is 40 oz.? That’s a good size – if you’re making something in volume, though, you may need to make two batches, but I think that holds true for most blenders.

The Waring Pro PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender doesn’t have a lot of fancy settings and switches. Just two speeds – high and low and that’s it. I like the simplicity of it – you know what you have the second you take it out of the box. And, I think consumers are ready to get back to basics – show me a blender that will meet all of your blending needs and I’ll show you a Waring!

Here are a few specifics: the Waring Pro PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender is classic and you will probably recognize the four-leaf-clover design of the carafe and lid. This clover-leaf design creates a vortex action that allows faster and thorough blending of your ingredients. As the blades pull ingredients down into the middle of the glass carafe, the items in the top portion of the carafe spin into the vortex and blend completely. You can crush ice on the slow speed; chances are good that this baby will blend anything you put in it.

Here’s the best part. The Waring Pro PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender is self-cleaning! The self-cleaning blade assembly makes clean up a snap – no more removable blades! Just pop in a little water and a small squirt of dishwashing liquid, put on the lid, and blend for a few seconds on slow speed. Then simply rinse the carafe. It truly doesn’t get any easier!

Bottom line? Take a spin with the Waring Pro PBB204 Food and Beverage Blender – and get cookin’!

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