Waring Pro Juicer Series Review


Modern juicers like Waring Pro juicer help extract maximum nutrients to make for a healthy living. The USP (unique selling point) of this product is its powerful electric motor and multiple speed settings that provide you with the flexibility of juicing hard or soft foods.

Additionally, backed with a 5 year warranty, the product promises to last for a lifetime, perfect for bars or restaurant owners who would perform juicing on frequent basis.

The juicers can be easily disassembled for cleaning. Since the parts are dishwasher safe you can load them into your dishwasher too. However, without a brush, you won’t be able to clean the strainer.

If price is an issue with you and you only prepare small quantity of juice every day, then you should choose a manual citrus press or a reamer juicer, and Waring juicer just fits your bill. Higher priced products have more complicated functions and are better for commercial use.

Unique Features of Waring Pro Juicers

There are people who love to have their juices with suspended pulp. However most of the people like to drink their juice which is clear. You can easily buy that kind of juice off the shelf, but what are your options when you want to have healthy and nutritious produce at home, that just happen to have not hard to duplicate authentic taste?

Waring Pulp Eject Juice Extractor has revolutionized the juicing industry by cutting large quantities of fruits within few seconds, extracting juice, and throwing the pulp in a separate container. This is a unique feature for those who want to avoid unpleasant pulp.

The product can be used every day with large quantity and won’t burn out like other blenders do over a period of 2 months. You can feed just about anything into the juicer – right from frozen fruits, fresh fruits, yogurt or oz. You can even put a mix of these.

Equipped with a powerful motor, the Waring Pro Juicer is durable but not without scaring you with its noise. The juicer is loud, and moves about a little on the counter. Not very attractive to look at, the Pro – Professional category juicers are too big to be stored inside your cabinets.

Waring Pro Citrus Juicer PCJ2 is another competitively priced product that efficiently produces juices for a recipe or extracts fresh juice from grapefruit. Apart from that it gets cleaned easily and is easy to use. After using it for one year, you may see that the reamer starts slipping and you may hear grinding noise.

Even though the juicer has enough power to juice a bag of oranges, the pulp basket is too small. So you have to clean out the pulp before juicing a few more oranges. Besides don’t exert too much pressure on the unit or else it will stop.

In Summary

Juicing the Ponderosa lemons has become easy with the Waring Pro Juicer or Waring Pro Citrus Juicer. You don’t have to spend long time cleaning them. The powerful 850 watts motor of Waring juicer will crush almost anything that jumps within the container. Though the motor cuts large chunks of fruits easily, it’s the noise that is worrying. Apart from the brushed stainless steel housing, the shiny plastic parts also help to increase the product’s longevity.

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