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Waring Juicer is a tough product that mainly caters to commercial purposes. It is one of the most popular brands in the market. People who realize benefits of juicing and businesses who understand the juicing demand of customers prefer to buy Waring citrus juicers over other models.

Taking juicing to the next level, Waring ensures that the extraction process is simple yet efficient. It is priced competitively and you can find a difference of up to $30 in comparable models of Waring and other juicer brands.

Advantages of Using Waring Juicers

Its plethora of options along coupled with the easy access and flexibility are some of the features that make it score above the rest.

There heavy duty yet compact design ensures that less space is utilized. This feature makes the juicer more presentable and it perfectly blends with the ambience of your business. Restaurant users directly place it on the breakfast buffet so that their guests have an easy access.

Another advantage of this made in USA product is that it is noiseless. There are vibration damping feet present beneath the juicer. Apart from that there is a reamer lift off so that you can clean it before next use. This device has removable parts. So for thorough cleaning you can put these into dishwasher as they are dishwasher safe too.

Disadvantages of Waring Citrus Juicer

The Waring juicer automatically empties pulp into the provided pulp extractor. This is advancement over the traditional style of manually emptying pulp as found in most of the other brands. Even though most of your clog is taken care of by this method, you cannot take it for granted that blades have been cleaned. You will have to use brushes to get the small pieces of pulp and skin that is left after the produce.

Juicing carrots will create large amount of pulp and it may even clog the strainer. So it is advisable to keep cleaning it time and again. Most of the vegetables juice is fresh and leaves a pleasant odor, but don’t try to juice cabbage in this juicer – it will stink! Also the pulp that is left is still wet and you feel as if you could extract more juice. According to a few customers by lightly squeezing that pulp with hand you could produce a lot of juice. So you end up missing a lot of juice.

According to a school of thought froth in juices can oxidize the nutrients it contains thereby rendering them useless. Now the Waring Citrus juicer froth the juice quite a bit.

You may also notice that it leaks from the bottom sometimes without any apparent reason.

Popular and Best Waring Juicer Models

Waring Health Juice Extractor JEX328


This is a 400 watts high speed model with stainless steel housing. With a 5 year motor warranty and 1 year warranty on appliance, the product is quite durable. The 400 watts motor does make this Waring product a little noisy, but the speed at which it extracts juice, you will hardly get affected by noise as the job will be done before the noise even bothers you.

Even though the removal parts are easy to clean, one finds that strainer is difficult to clean without a brush. Now you won’t get the regular kitchen brush as an accessory here (which is a small brush – way too small for daily cleaning), so you might have to use your kitchen brush for thorough cleaning.

Waring PCJ2 Citrus Juicer


The PCJ2 has a heavy-duty metal base that offers stability to the item. The vibration absorbing rubber feet prevent it from slipping. This powerful juicer is a little slow as claimed by the company, but it does its job well. It juices oranges, grapes, and limes without any problem.

Main problem with this Waring juicer arises after almost one year of usage when the reamer starts slipping off. This product is not meant for heavy users. However, occasional users won’t have trouble using it for lifetime. The stainless steel casing makes it tough and people who love to handle their things roughly will not find this juicer balking at you.

Waring JEX450 Professional Juicer


JEX450 model is a sturdy product that has 850 watt 2-speed juice extractor. Its stainless steel and polycarbonate casing makes it extra durable. Though it is designed for commercial purposes, you can use it in your homes too. You can easily juice pineapples and apples but ensure that you follow manual instructions on overheating. In case the machine stops due to overheating, you can unplug it for 5 minutes and restart.

If you are amongst those who don’t like to slice the fruit much before juicing it, then expect larger pieces of skin inside the juicer. So be careful not to overstuff the feed chute. It is easy to disassemble or assemble it.

Invest With Confidence

While a motor as powerful as the one which can be found in Waring Juicer Extractors just cannot help being noisy, compared to a typical blender – the sound is still nothing much of a concern.

The Waring machines are easy to use and all you have to do is put your favorite veggie in and push it with plunger. They are easily cleaned as they are dishwasher safe. Simply have the juice you made or save it for the day!

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