Want 100% Self-Sufficiency?


Knowing how to completely get off the grid is more crucial these days than ever before, given that energy sources derived from fossil fuels (oil, gasoline, shale, natural gas, etc) is becoming more pricey with every passing year. Sooner or later, this planet is going to run out of oil and other non-renewable energy sources, to be honest, and this is why some people consider learning about how to create or generate their own renewable energy or power through self-replenishing electricity systems for their own home.

A possible way to start getting off the local power company’s grid (an electrical network owned by a business that provides or supplies generated power to homes and other businesses, aka the “grid”) is to look at energy created through wind power turbines. Specifically, through the turning of a windmill’s blades. This then turns a turbine which powers a generator to produce electricity.

The electricity made by windmills is stepped down or otherwise configured for use in the home which is directly hooked up to the wind turbine tower(s). The great things about these wind farm systems is that it’s quite simple to create. Most of the basic windmill parts including the AC/DC converters can be procured for less than a hundred dollars, provided that you are willing to manually install the equipment altogether yourself.

Another excellent way to become energy independent is to invest in one or multiple solar panels, which are a little more expensive up front but can potentially produce the same amount of power without being nearly as bulky as wind turbines. The money you save on your electric bill can be significant. Modern advancements in solar panel technology make use of new and improved photovoltaic cells that have improved in efficiency of their capture and conversion of solar energy from the sun to electrical energy.

These home systems make great use of renewable electricity to create power. Most homes typically have a home backup battery system which stores any unused power you create for later use. The redundancy also allows for you to keep your home powered in case your generators go out for some reason and you fix the problem to get them back online. Depending on how much extra power you feel you need to store, you can easily install more of these batteries. My recommendation would be to install them in a safe, dry area like a flood-proof basement or a foundation-sound second floor. Your energy savings will go up if you install such batteries, especially multiple ones.

Once you understand the power of how to completely get off the grid, via wind power or solar power, you will discover that it becomes  a lot easier find other ways to “go green, ” and become even more independent, all the while helping to keep this planet healthy. The importance of these self-generated power systems cannot be overstated. They allow you to obtain free, clean power which contributes to cutting back on the use of fossil fuels, reduce the reliance on 3rd party power electricity companies, reduce reliance on foreign oil, help Earth stay clean, and save yourself bundles of cash.


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