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Hey! Do you need to pack on some mass, or get a workout done quickly – with no time consuming trips to the gym?? one way you can get that done, and quickly, is to use a wall mounted pull up bar. Whether you have a permanently mounted bar, or a portable “over the door jamb” model, you can be assured that you will get the best upper body workout you can. All it takes is $50.00 or less, and you can have your very own lat machine, row machine, chinup bar and pull up bar in your own home.

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Wall Mounted Pull Up Bar Installation

If you want real strength, go for the permanently mounted bar – you will need some lag screws and your new bar. Make sure you check for stud positioning first, and mark the holes carefully. You’ll also want to be sure that you won’t be drilling into any plumbing fixtures or wiring.

Once you are sure of your positioning, and the coast is clear utility-wise, let ‘er rip. Drill pilot holes for your wall mounted pull up bar using a bit just a tad smaller than the non-threaded diameter of the lag bolts you have picked out. Don’t forget to use washers, and screw them in with your ratchet.

Talk about a rock-solid installation. You will be able to do bodyweight chinups and pullups, and even add weight with a weight belt if you like.

Pull Up Bar Exercise Routines

One of the best things about a pull up bar is the way it works most of your upper body. All you really need to do is add in some pushups and you have a total upper body workout. Here is a classic routine that is really easy to remember that will work perfectly with your new pull up bar.

The 80% workout

This one is easy to set up, and it almost guarantees that you won’t overtrain, because your own strength set up to workout schedule.

  • Start off by facing your new wall mounted pull up bar with your hands at your sides. Hop up and grab the bar. Do just a couple of pull ups. Rest for 30 second s and do a couple more. Repeat once more.
  • Now for the test. Grasp your pull up bar, and do as many pullups as you can. Use good form – no swinging or “kips”. So, how many did you get? Let’s say 10. Take 80% (in this case 8).
  • Take a day off, and then go through the warmup routine as before. Now do 8 reps. You should still have something in the tank. Rest for 2 minutes. Do another set of eight. Repeat until you can only get 4 reps. The first time you do this, you should be able to get 3-4 sets in.

If you stick with this, and do it 3 times per week, I guarantee that you will double the number of reps in your max set in less than 6 weeks!

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