Walkie Talkies for Kids


Walkie talkies for kids are very beneficial for your kids to have. They allow them to contact their friends during playing or etc. Also, walkie talkies for kids are very useful for them during the holiday. They enable them to keep in touch with their family as well as their friends.

The cell phones that they possibly bring may can not work well in the mountains or cruise ship on the open water. However, two-way walkie talkie will. Another advantage you can experience by enabling your children walkie talkies for kids is that you can at anytime contact your lovely children by simply press the button.

They will reassure you that they are fine. It provides you convenience and set you free from stress while you are working. There are some models of walkie talkies for kids. The simplest model does not need a license for the operation of this type of walkie talkie uses a certain range of frequency.

The power supply is using the battery. Most of the models are equipped with a single component for the speaker and microphone. Also, they are equipped with Morse code button which allows them to send coded message.

Walkie talkies for kids are usually popular during the Christmas. They allow them to exercise their bodies and minds since they get themselves off the computer. It means that they have greater chance to keep contact with their friends. They will be better for their psychological development.

Fisher-Price Kid – Tough Walkie Talkies

Tough Walkie Talkie is the first option of walkie talkies for kids you can consider to purchase for your children. They are ideal to be used by those who are in preschool since they has a tough design and easy enough to use. These devices allow them to communicate each other in the distance of 300ft.

The features brought by these walkie talkies for kids include PTT (push to talk) or release to listen detail, a kid-tough hand grip, a safety antenna with flexible design, a power on/off switch, and a volume dial.

Tweety TW4222 Mini FRS Two-Way Radios

You can also consider these walkie talkies for kids to have. This has a unique design which can meet the need of your children. The features it offers include 22 channels, digital volume control with 16 level, talk tone, and scan.

The energy supply is from 3 AAA batteries which are able to provide them talk time up to 12 hours. It is equipped with power save for saving the consumption of the energy. Also, when the energy from the batteries is getting low, this device will alert you that they need to be replaced. These walkie talkies for kids allow them to communicate from the distance of 3 miles.

Wild Planet Kid Quest Walkie Talkies

Wild Planet is another type of walkie talkies for kids. This is manufactured by Wild Planet Entertainment, Inc. It allows your kids to have communication from the distance of 75ft with their friends. It also allows them to send and receive messages from the basement, or even backyard. This walkie talkie is suitable to be used by kids in age of 3-7 years old.


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