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As we have already established on this web page, walkie talkies are excellent communication tools to have, regardless of whether you are using them at home, for fun, or at your job, to help facilitate things going smoothly and without a hitch.

They do have their limitations both when it comes to range and battery duration, but if you do not have unreasonable expectations – and you do not believe every word the manufacturer tells you – you can pick a decent set that will work great for you.

There is one more limitation we are not very keen about when it comes to walkie talkies, and that is the fact that they are hand-held devices that you have to carry on the belt and handle when you want to talk. If your hands are full, then tough luck. Previously, there was no going around this and it was somewhat of a downside. Today, luckily, there are accessories you can use, such as a walkie talkie headset or earpieces that will free up your hands and allow you to communicate without a fuss.

Types of Walkie Talkie Earpieces and Headsets​

Not all walkie talkies are created equal and you can bet your bottom dollar that not all accessories are either. There are different types of headsets and earpieces you can choose and we’ve decided to give you a little run down of the offer that exists out there.

D-shaped earpiece/microphone​

This is your run-of-the-mill earpiece that is shaped in the form of a letter D. It fits nicely over the ear and is made of soft pliable plastic so it does not chafe. It is fitted with an inline microphone that has a PTT button and the fact that it comes with a clip makes it easy to attach to your clothing.

Earbud earpiece/microphone​

This is a regular earpiece that you can easily fit in your ear bud and conceal under your clothing. It has an inline microphone with a PTT button and you can clip it to your clothes. This particular model is very popular for noisy venues such as concerts, nightclubs, live music events or bars because the speaker is right in your ear so the sound is not disturbed by ambiance noise. You will usually see security guards and bouncers equipped with these.

Semi-covert earpiece/microphone​

This one is a stealthier version of a regular earpiece. You see them on security guards, especially those protecting important individuals. The audio tube is made of clear transparent plastic so it is less noticeable to view. The microphone is attached to the wire and it comes with a spring clip so you can attach it to your clothes.

Speaker/microphone for walkie-talkies​

You will usually see this type used by truckers and drivers. It is a regular speaker/microphone that is also hand-held and attaches to your car’s audio system. It is not designed to be used outside of your car – and you wouldn’t really want to since it keeps your hand busy the same way a regular walkie-talkie does.

Headband type headset​

This is a type of light headset designed to be used by people who absolutely need to stay in contact but have to have their hands free at all times. It has a speaker and a boom microphone and the head strap is completely adjustable so you can fit it to your size.

Aircraft style full headset​

This is the most pro you can get when it comes to headsets for walkie talkies. These cost quite a bit but they are fitted with insulated speakers for both of your ears and a boom microphone. It also adjusts to your head size and can be completely personalized. It completely muffles the outside noise so it is perfect if you need to get remote instructions and keep both of your hands free. It gets the most use in motorsports, aircraft, and construction industries.

So as you can see, there are a lot of headset and earpiece accessories you can choose from here. The choice will depend on your needs, however. Make sure to pick one that will work great in your ambiance. If you need complete silence and your hands free, go for the headsets, but if you need to be aware of your surroundings while communicating with someone then, by all means, grab an earpiece.

There is another thing you need to keep in mind and it concerns the connectors. You might be thinking that these are no big deal, but walkie talkies are not smartphones and the ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach does not really work with them.

Every manufacturer works with their own set of standards and it is going to be really difficult for you to use a single headset for different devices. The sockets will differ wildly and you will have to be careful when choosing the one that you need. Your best bet is to buy an earpiece or a headset recommended by the manufacturer for a certain model.

Another problem is the fact that one manufacturer can have different sockets for different models. This means that a headset might work on one type of model from a certain manufacturer but not for another. You can check out different types of connectors and socket on this link.​


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