Walkie Talkie Cell Phones


Walkie talkie cell phones might be something unfamiliar for people. Usually, people only notice cell phone and walkie talkie in separate devices. However, along with the advanced technology in communication means, walkie talkie cell phones were invented to support people who require connecting with other people for their job.

People usually notice the technology of walkie talkie cell phones as Push To Talk (PTT) technology. With this technology, the users of the cell phones do not need to dial certain phone number. They just need to push one button of their walkie talkie cell phones to get instant access to another person, and he or she will instantly hear the voice of the users.

The basic system used in walkie talkie cell phones is actually the same with handheld walkie talkie like the conventional handheld walkie-talkie. However, this latest cell phone uses digital technology to improve the convenient in communicating. It allows people to have crystal clear sound.

Besides, the user will also get unlimited range of communications; surely much wider than the range offered by conventional hand held walkie talkie. Another advantages offered by walkie talkie cell phones is their ability to connect a group of people at one time.

It will be a very useful technology especially for people who own large business or manufacturers. Usually, they need to constantly in touch with their business partners or relations. With this technology, this requirement could be fulfilled easily.

Generally, the users of walkie talkie cell phones can choose the certain mode that they want to have in their device, whether they want to have regular cell phone mode or PTT mode. They just need to switch it back or forth to get the certain mode that they want to use. If you are among many people who need high capability of communication means, walkie talkie cell phones could be a great choice for you.

You can find a lot of walkie talkie cell phones offered in the market. They are offered by some different manufacturers under different brands. Just find more information to get the best product that fits your requirements well.

To easier you in getting the information, we have brief review of some superior walkie talkie cell phones offered in the market. The first is Motorola i776w Purple for Nextel. This is a replacement of popular Motorola i730 and it is completed with some different features.

This particular type of walkie talkie cell phones includes both technologies of Nextel Direct Connect Walkie-Talkie Service and Nextel’s new DirectTalk Service. It is also completed with Bluetooth compatibility, a quality speakerphone, and also a VGA camera. You do not need to be bothered to recharge the battery in a short time because this certain type of walkie talkie cell phones is completed with long life battery.

Or, you can choose Kyocera KX440 Cell/Walkie Talkie Phone. This product could be switched from regular cell phone to walkie talkie in a single push of a button. This certain product of Kyocera allows you to have smooth connection with other people.

It is also featuring color display that is completed with on-screen icons to know who are available to talk. You can also find other walkie talkie cell phones offered in the market. Just get the best one for you.


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