Walk Behind Concrete Saw


The walk behind concrete saw is used to make cuts in or cut completely through concrete slabs. These power saws are self propelled and are guided by the operator from behind. The look of these saws is similar to that of a rotary tiller that many people use to till their gardens. While the two pieces of equipment may look similar, they are used to do totally different jobs. The walk behind saw can be used to cut lines in concrete sidewalks, separating the concrete into sections or they can be used to add far more decorative designs to the concrete. These saws are used for various purposes on many different job sites.

Because of their ability to make controlled joint cuts in pavement, walk behind concrete saws are often used to make decorative cuts in concrete walk ways. Many decorative cuts, made by the larger sized versions of these power saws, can be seen on the sidewalks of large museums and college campuses. With the help of the walk behind saw even complicated geometric cuts can be made into concrete, creating a design that is sure to be admired for quite some time. Smaller sized walk behind saws also have their uses in decorative pavement sculpting. Smaller models can be used to make beveled edges in the concrete, giving it a distinct decorative look.  

Walk behind concrete saws are fairly easy to operate as they are self propelled. This means that most often all the operator has to do is guide the machine into making the desired cuts. These saws are also equipped with guides that help keep the cuts straight. These masonry saws can even come equipped with dust shrouds.

If you have ever noticed decorative designs cut into concrete, then you might have wondered what construction tools were used in order to make this possible. These cuts were most likely made using a walk behind concrete saw. The smaller, walk behind saw is normally used to make beveled cuts in the pavement, while the larger models are used when more elaborate designs are needed. These saws are relatively easy to use, even when cutting geometric designs and a vacuum can be attached to eliminate the dust they create.

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