Walk Behind Concrete Saw


Have you been looking online or in local stores to find a walk behind concrete saw? Here are a few things to look for before making your purchase and deciding on which one will fit your needs.


The walk behind concrete saw is used when making long sustained cuts in pavement, slabs, or other areas of concrete. A walk behind concrete saw normally has two wheels on the back, a water hookup for wet cuts, and a cutting blade on the front. It is very simple to push from behind and let it do all the work. Be careful when unloading a walk behind concrete saw, they are around 150lbs and if you happen to sit one down hard you can crack the dial arm for setting the depth. Depending on the model of walk behind concrete saw that you have will determine the blade you use and blade size.

walk behind concrete saw

2″ cuts are recommended on concrete in one swipe, going deeper than this can damage the machine or cause the diamond blade to heat up and become brittle. I would not suggest trying to use a walk behind concrete saw to make decorative cuts into concrete because they are not used for precise jobs. You will need a specialized saw for scoring and doing any intricate cuts. A walk behind concrete saw is used by contractors to cut streets, parking lots, and thick slabs and can be used with a diamond all purpose blade or asphalt blade. They are very useful if you have a long sustained cut to do, because with a hand held concrete saw you will be working either bent over or on your knees and that can be torture on the body.

There are walk behind concrete saws that have an accessory that will turn a hand held concrete saw into a walk behind concrete saw. For the most part, walk behind concrete saws are gas powered and use unleaded gas, meaning you do not have to mess with mixing oil and gas like with a two stroke engine. This is a big plus for a lot of walk behind concrete saw owners because if you have an employee that doesn’t mix the fuel right you will be paying for a new motor.

The front guide will help you to stay on target when making your cut and not straying off mark. Also the water hook up will keep down dust and keep the blade cool for longer use. These are some of the benefits of owning a walk behind concrete saw. They should help you to decide on the walk behind concrete saw or the hand held saw.


A Husqvarna walk behind concrete saw will come with a honda motor for easy, reliable starting and long life. They are  also lightweight, easy to handle, and reliable. This walk behind concrete saw is designed for wet or dry cuts. Different models may come with different motors and handle different blade sizes and depths. One option to check about when deciding on your walk behind concrete saw is if the blade guard can be mounted on either side of the machine and how close to the wall will the blade cut.


When purchasing online from a walk behind concrete saw store, you will most likely be provided with free shipping. You can also browse the site for specail deals going on for a walk behind concrete saw so you can get the best price. Be sure to look at the specs to be sure to get the best walk behind concrete saw for your situation.


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